Rainy Day Engagement Orlando

Andrea & Collin’s Rainy Day Baldwin Park Engagement

Andrea and Collin knew that they wanted to bring a little fun and a little science into their engagement session at Baldwin Park​ in Orlando, Florida​. The quirky, science loving, outdoor explorers wanted a mix of a gorgeous landscape against a beautiful lake backdrop, while incorporating the common cold, plague, and Ebola. Okay, well not the actual plagues, diseases, and colds, but just cute little stuff toys that represent them.

When Andrea opened her tote bag of props to incorporate, I first thought that the Ebola was just a cute little snake toy, but no he is a dangerous killer that you can cuddle with at night. Anywho… I loved their enthusiasm and planning in bringing along items that have meaning to them. Living in Tallahassee, Andrea works as a Vector-Borne Disease Surveillance Coordinator at the Florida Department of Health and Collin works as a DEF Business Development Manager. The common cold is one of Andrea’s primary focuses and was the cutest little blue plush of the bunch.

While the two live in Tallahassee, they actually first met in Tampa while attending the University of South Florida​. During their first week of freshman year, Collin spotted Andrea in chemistry class. He asked her to grab lunch with him and found that they had so much in common. Both were chemistry majors, had recently moved to Naples, and had a love for life like no other. By the end of their first year, they turned into more than just study buddies and have been inseparable since.

Collin knew that he had to bring a little bit of silliness and their passion for nature into their engagement. During their trip this past March to Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida, Collin set up a dolphin encounter where the two were able to swim and learn about dolphins. During their encounter, one of the dolphins swam right up to Andrea holding a buoy that said “Andrea will you marry me?” Her excitement was overwhelming and of course she said yes! Collin later brought her back to a private cabana he had reserved that the staff decorated with flowers. In the sweet floral cabana was a treasure chest where Collin had one more surprise, her ring!

Andrea loves Collin’s “sense of humor and how he can always make her laugh,” while Collin loves how they have similar interests and is “entertained by Andrea’s clumsiness.” Can’t you tell they are just goofballs! Their mutual interests and playful nature really brought their engagement photos to life. We started off against the backdrop of Harbor Park Lake for a few panoramic shots and after headed to the woods for more close up shots. This is when Andrea surprised me with the plague and all of his other friends hehe. One of my favorite spots was in the middle of a wildflower field where the two wore their lab coats. It was the perfect spot to showcase their love of science combined with the great outdoors. Of course, being Florida the sky opened up shortly after our session began and we decided to roll with it.

From dancing in the rain to playing in the rain, the two brought out their inner Notebook. I was teasing with Andrea that I could only think of the one prime shot during the movie an inadvertently had them reenact it multiple times, but of course I had other ideas in mind. Truly my favorite shot of the entire session is a black and white of the two sitting on a bench under the rain. It is so intimate, genuine, and reflective of how love is more than a bond of love, but a bond of friendship. Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at the gorgeous Mission Inn Resort and Club​ in February!

Venue: Baldwin Park

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  1. I absolutely love these images of this engagement session! What a great location in Baldwin park. You did an amazing job capturing these two love birds. I really love love love this location! Awesome job!

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  5. Baldwin Park Engagement seems a great place for photos! I can say that you’ve done a great job taking most photos in rain. Such a cool feeling! I must say that you an amazing Orlando Wedding Photographer!

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  10. There is SO much personality in this Orlando engagement session! I love it!! I love being able to look at a session and really see what the people being photographed are like in real life. I adore that they brought so many props that are totally unique to them, especially the lab coats! It’s dorky & totally amazing!!

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