Chanel Baby Session

Chanel No. 5 Month Baby Session with Livia – Orlando Baby Photographer

Mommy Amanie truly outdid herself again with creating a luxurious backdrop for baby Livia to celebrate turning five months old!  Our designer shoot consisted of Chanel bags and boxes that matched perfectly to baby Livia’s Chanel shoes and adorable onesie from Etsy.

Little Livia was such a doll for the camera, smiling and laughing the entire time.  Her ‘set’ included a handmade Chanel box that mimicked the shoe and sunglasses box, but was baby size hehe.  Sitting in her little box, we took a bunch of shots of little Livia in her adorable outfit.

What I love most about the setup was how throughout it was.  Livia’s onesie is of a Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle, which was the perfect theme idea for turning five months old.  Looking forward to my little lady celebrating six months and can’t wait to see what mommy Amanie comes up with next!

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