Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Engagement

Amy & Kevin’s Yellow and Blue Courtyard at Lake Lucerne Engagement

Amy and Kevin met me out at their soon to be wedding venue, the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne, this past week for an engagement session. While the two are getting married at the end of January, we thought it would be a great idea to do a test run and walk through of the venue.

I love photographing at new venues and have previously only been a guest during a wedding at Lake Lucerne for my friend Kim. Situated in the heart of downtown Orlando, the Courtyard of Lake Lucerne is comprised of several historic buildings, each of a different era. In addition to their bed and breakfast, they offer a beautiful historic home for weddings. The pastel, yellow home with white, wooden staircases stands as a backdrop for receptions, while a beautiful white pagoda surrounded by 50 year old oaks is used for the ceremony. Underneath the beautiful market lighting, guests are able to celebrate the vows of their newlyweds while dancing the night away.

My sweet couple actually met in the heart of music, Nashville, while both on a business trip. After the two instantly connected, they kept in touch traveling between Orlando, Florida to Arlington, Virginia. As Amy puts it, we kept in contact which “strengthened our relationship” until they were final able to make the big leap. After three years of living apart, Amy and Kevin moved into their first place together in November of 2015.

In February of 2015, after the crowd cleared out at Kevin and Amy’s ‘favorite spot’ to eat,’ Kevin surprised Amy with a lovely Michael Kors purse for Valentine’s Day. While checking out her new bag, she stumbled upon a little box inside one of the pockets. To her surprise, the most beautiful, sparkly ring sat sweetly in the little white box. Amy doesn’t recall the exact moment or words, but she distinctly remembers the feelings she had in that very moment. As she puts it, “I don’t remember exactly everything he said, but it was perfect and perfectly us.”

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at the end of this month!

Venue: Courtyard at Lake Lucerne

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