Lake Mirror Engagement

Vanessa & Robert’s Downtown Lakeland Lake Mirror Engagement

Downtown Lakeland at Lake Mirror was the perfect engagement spot for locals Vanessa and Robert. New to Lakeland, the two envisioned a shoot that was filled with tons of candid moments and big smiles. Locations included the Poor Porker, a renovated car garage turned hipster lunch and wine spot, and the beautiful Lake Mirror that sits in the heart of downtown.

My lovebirds actually met online after Vanessa found Robert’s profile by chance. She noticed his quote about being different. Intrigued Vanessa messaged him asking what made him so different. The two found out that they were both in similar places of their life not wanting to date just to date and after talking for about a week decided to go on their first date. Meeting up at local Starbucks over coffee, the two talked for a while before going bowling. Throughout their date they both kept snap chatting their friends about how great it was going and realized they had a real connection right off the bat!

Vanessa quickly fell head over heels for how willing Robbie (as she calls him) is in helping other people. He is always willing to help his friends and family no matter what the situation may be and in doing so putting others first. Robbie fell in love with how selfless and thoughtful Vanessa is from the way she appreciates their relationship to how she treats him.

It was clear to see from their first date and attributes that they love most about one another that it was true love. Robbie knew that he had finally found ‘the one’ and began planning out their proposal. Six months into dating, the two went on an adventurous seven day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. Upon arriving at their first port of call, they hopped in a taxi and drove a few miles out from the city to walk along the streets and explore the shops the locals actually shop at. Jokingly while passing a ring shop, Vanessa mentioned she was looking for her engagement ring, which Robbie replied, “okay.” As Vanessa recalls, “It took me a second to figure out he was being serious. Now, I’m very particular about the type of ring I wanted – nothing too flashy, delicate, and I wanted it to have filigree/engraving details. The second shop we looked at I not only found the most perfect engagement ring, but we were also able to buy the wedding band that matched it perfectly.”

Heading back to the cruise ship, Vanessa gave Robbie the ring and asked him to not let her see it until he decided to propose to her one day. Little did she know he had been planning on proposing to her sooner than she thought!

While at dinner with Robbie a few days later on the cruise, he excused himself to go to the bathroom but didn’t return for ten minutes. Sitting by herself, Vanessa was wondering what was taking him so long. After he returned he asked her if she wanted dessert which was uncharacteristic of Robbie who typically doesn’t get dessert after dinner – little did Vanessa know he was trying to kill time for just a little bit longer for the cruise dinner show. As the Maître D’ came down with his counterparts, they announced that “Well, now it’s not very often we have this happen on a cruise ship, but I have Robert here who is going to propose to his long-time love.” The whole room began cheering and clapping as Robbie got down on one knee and asked for Vanessa’s hand in marriage, which Vanessa of course said “yes” too!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville this coming October!

Venues: Lake Mirror Park-Hollis Garden & The poor porker

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