Wedding photography formal portraits take a bit of organization to ensure a smooth flow of beautifully captured memories. Keeping things streamlined will help stay within the one hour formal portrait allotted timeline. Below are three potential formal portrait lists, which can all be customized to fit your big day.

*Starting with either the larger family or older grandparents.
(PI – Partner I & PII – Partner II)

PI – newlyweds, parents, siblings with families, grandparents
PI – newlyweds, parents
PI & PII – newlyweds, both sets of parents
PII – newlyweds, parents
PII – newlyweds, parents, siblings with families, grandparents
Wedding Party – PI & PII’s wedding parties
PI – PI’s wedding party side
PII – PII’s wedding party side


We are often booked months ahead of time, so I encourage you to reserve your date early on. Wedding photography is typically booked six months to one year ahead of time with engagements booked three to six months before the big day. For booking availability, please email of call to discuss availability. We would love to be a part of your big day


In addition to the sizes below, we also offer customized sizing. Just let us know the size you are looking for.
Matte & Glossy 4 x 6 – $2 | Matte & Glossy 5 x 7 – $5 | Matte & Glossy 8 x 10 – $10 | Matte & Glossy 8 x 12 – $12 | Matte & Glossy 11 x 14 – $15 | Matte & Glossy 16 x 20 – $25 | Matte & Glossy 20 x 30 – $45


Tailor-made albums can be customized from leather to linen, thick to thin, and a variety of colors. Just like your wedding, your album should be customized to fit your style. Best of all, we do not charge our clients for the creation of the album, but only for materials. In turn you will receive wholesale pricing – our gift to you!

wedding photography tips
wedding photography tips
wedding photography tips