Orlando Baby Photographer

Purple and Green Floral Baby Session

A picture perfect little Livia cuddled up on her handmade, embroidered, pink blanket during her three month baby session.  Mommy Amanie created a styled look that included fun little props from frames, to signs, to bunches of flowers.  Little Livia has such a beautiful personality.  From her darling smile to the way she looks at her mommy, it can clearly be seen how happy she is.

A special surprise for this session included grandma stopping by for some pictures as well with her new granddaughter.  Livia couldn’t help but smile along with grandma while she was giving her sweet little kisses.

Looking forward to celebrating with little Livia, her big sister Laila, and their cousins next month!

Orlando-Baby-Photographer-Flower-Themed-Three-Month-Baby-Session-1 Orlando-Baby-Photographer-Flower-Themed-Three-Month-Baby-Session-2Orlando-Baby-Photographer-Flower-Themed-Three-Month-Baby-Session-10 Orlando-Baby-Photographer-Flower-Themed-Three-Month-Baby-Session-3 Orlando-Baby-Photographer-Flower-Themed-Three-Month-Baby-Session-4 Orlando-Baby-Photographer-Flower-Themed-Three-Month-Baby-Session-5 Orlando-Baby-Photographer-Flower-Themed-Three-Month-Baby-Session-6 Orlando-Baby-Photographer-Flower-Themed-Three-Month-Baby-Session-7 Orlando-Baby-Photographer-Flower-Themed-Three-Month-Baby-Session-8 Orlando-Baby-Photographer-Flower-Themed-Three-Month-Baby-Session-9

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