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Dumbo Hot Air Balloon Baby Session

You may remember baby Laila from her month to month shoots last year. Well, she is definiteliy not a baby any more, as this little one is growing up fast – with some absolutely stunning curly hair and a vivacious personality I might add! Her little sister Livia is stepping in for photos now as we begin to capture her month to month development in adorable set ups created by mommy Amanie.

For two months, we decided to focus on a hot air balloon theme, which just so happens to also be the theme of her room. I love ‘out of the ordinary’ themed rooms and it was truly the perfect spot to showcase our little darling Livia in one of her favorite places.

Wicker basket set up, pink hand-made crochet quilt drapped over, and a hot pink (air) balloon set, this little one was ready for take off!

I have to admit, Laila and Livia definitely have different personalities behind the camera. Laila was defintiely my A-list celebrity type that would only give you so much time in front of the camera before needing a nap, while Livia is just all smiles for the entire session. However, little Laila has defintiely come out of her camera shell and was kissing Livia’s toes, running back and forth to me in excitement, and even posing for a few photos with her baby sister and mommy Amanie.

The joy these two girls bring their family cannot be captured in words. Possibly I can descirbe the feelings though – Laila just loves her little sister and you can see it in the way she tried covering her up when she thought little Livia was cold. Livia’s eyes go wide open when she hears Laila’s name. It is incredible to see what a beautiful connection has already been established. I also loved listening into the two of them gab back and forth in their secret baby language!

Looking forward to capturing month number three with baby Livia and little Laila!

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