Kraft Azalea Gardens Engagement

Jenny & David’s Kraft Azalea Engagement

Kraft Azalea engagements among the massive tree canopies in the heart of Winter Park, Florida are always my favorite.  Jenny and David’s love for the beauty of the great outdoors and one another, was the perfect combination for their engagement.

How They Met

Jenny and David met in Jenny’s hometown of Vero Beach, Florida.  David was working as a golf professional over the Winter at a course in Vero.  They had run into each other at a local bar, while Jenny was out celebrating one of her soon-to-be-bridesmaid’s birthday during the Christmas holiday.  From the moment they met, the two were captivated with one another talking the entire night and eventually exchanging numbers.  The rest is history!  Oddly enough, David got down on one knee jokingly that first night to ask Jenny “to marry him.”  Guess he knew it right from the start!

Marriage Proposal

David and Jenny recently purchased a house and were having a home warming party with all of their closest friends, coworkers and family to celebrate.  A few hours into the night, David got up to give what everyone thought was a “housewarming toast” and to thank everyone for coming.  However, the topic of his speech quickly changed to Jenny.  He started reminiscing about the first time he had met Jenny, how much he loved her right from the start, and how long it’s been (yes, he gave the exact day!) since they day they had first met.  He then stated he could not believe where his life had taken him; from meeting the love of his life to buying a house with the same girl.  It was then that he dropped down to one knee, in front of everyone, to ask Jenny to marry him.  Jenny was in complete shock and it took her a while to finally say, “yes!”

Wedding Vision

Jenny and David will be having a classy, chic, nautical themed wedding with a flare of, you guessed it… golf!

Check out part two of their sporty football inspired engagement at Rollins College.

Venue – Kraft Azalea Garden Park

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