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Baby Mila is One Month Old! – Lake Mary Baby Photographer

Ina and Tony Horbert welcomed their beautiful baby girl Mila into the world on April 29, 2015. It was only three days prior that the three of us and our good friend Daria went to New Smyrna Beach to photograph Ina’s maternity session. Mila of course must have known the whole time how much her Mommy loves pictures and decided to wait just a couple of more days, at least we think. Over the next several months I will be photographing Mila. I am looking forward to capturing her progress as she grows.

For our one-month session, we decided to do a lifestyle shoot of the family at home. Ina bought 12 pink and white balloons for Mila to send one off into the air celebrating her one-month birthday that came just one day earlier. It was such an adorable idea and Mila (with the help of her Daddy) released a cute pink balloon and watched it fly away. After we ventured back into the house for some shots of Mila in a tutu, while holding her Mommy and Daddy’s rings on her toes. I have to say that Tony’s fish ring had me laughing right from the start. I even confirmed it was his real wedding ring and Ina explained that they say he “caught the best fish in the sea.” It truly warmed my heart and I couldn’t agree more. Looking forward to spending many more months with baby Mila and her incredible Mommy and Daddy.

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