Leu Gardens Maternity Session

Leu Gardens Maternity Session

Yanin and Scott met me out at the beautiful Harry P. Leu Gardens in the heart of Orlando for a surprise maternity session gifted to them from their friend Janet. Yanin was over the moon to be able to capture such a beautiful time in her baby to be’s life and to share it with her sweetheart Scott.

Filled with tons of tropical native plants and flowers in bloom, Leu Gardens was just such a perfect spot for a maternity session – especially for a baby girl to be! Little Abigail Maria is expected to arrive in just a few short weeks and Scott and Yanin are on pins and needles waiting to welcome her to the world.

I always love learning about my expecting mommies to be experiences and what advice they would give to others. Yanin said the best piece of advice she had received during her pregnancy was to take time out of her day for herself by lighting lavender candles, which helped her to relax and fall asleep. For expecting mommies to be, she felt her best piece of advice would be to “drink loads of water,” as it has helped keep her hydrated and feeling great throughout the day.

As we walked through the gardens, it was incredible to feel the excitement Yanin and Scott shared about waiting for their little one. Still working on the room, they were ready to get back home after our session to set everything up. Both my mommy and daddy to be though were most excited about sharing life moments with their little one when she arrived and in watching her grow as a person.

Looking forward to seeing little Abigail welcomed to the world and wishing my couple a sweet, healthy, and happy birth!

Venue: Harry P. Leu Gardens

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