Luxmore Grande Estate Wedding

Lisa & Jouse’s Luxmore Grande Estate Wedding

Lisa and Jouse may have tied the knot 25 years ago, but their Luxmore Grande Estate wedding took place this year 🙂

Lisa and Jouse met 25 years ago during an after party from a Luther Vandross concert. Their love of music may have been what brought them together, but ti was their fate that kept them together. You may wonder why the two never had a wedding. Both from a religious background, they didn’t want to spend another year unmarried with two children and on December 31st 25 years ago from today they decided to tie the knot. As their daughter Jasmine Doublette describes it, “that way they wouldn’t go into the New Year unmarried.” Due to the beautiful moment taking place so quickly, they wouldn’t have time to have an official wedding and unfortunately never did until now.

When Carol Sutton from Bold, Beautiful and Beyond Weddings first contacted me, she explained that a styled shoot would be taking place with a twist – and that twist was that it was real! After hearing Lisa and Jouse’s beautiful story, I just knew I had to be a part of such a momentous occasion. Our session started off early in the day photographing the beautiful details the vendors participating in the shoot were setting up. Our first stop was capturing the beauty of the estate.

Nestled in the heart of Winter Springs and sitting on Lake Jessup, the Luxmore Grande Estate boasts beautiful views with a vintage vibe. The private residence was originally built in 2001 and since being purchased by the new owners in 2014, it has undergone over $500,000 in renovations ranging from custom upgrades of beautiful gold trim to crystal chandeliers. I love the double staircase leading from the second to first floor as a bride comes down to see her fiancé for the first time!

With so many vendors taking part in the event, we had to move quickly. Floral and event design by Bold, Beautiful and Beyond Weddings was over the top ranging from raw wood pieces with orchids to beautiful shades of white in the centerpieces. One of my favorite accessories for the event, was the stunning backdrop for the cake that Jasmine created by hand. It was the perfect backdrop for Alehandra with Everything Cakes three tier wedding cake. The beauty and love in her work can truly be seen in every little detail from the sugar flowers to the lace trim.

With so many options for set up, we used the back room overlooking the gardens as the reception and front rooms as a photo booth spot and buffet wing. Set up near the buffet, Farida with Florida Candy Buffet created the most luxurious candy bar. Dark chocolate and other yummy sweets lined the table in silver glass vases. I love how the raw wood centerpiece tied in with the floral décor Carol’s team created. Truly a masterpiece of sweets!

While we were waiting on our guests of honor, couples had a picture taken against the cascading back windows of the reception. Sitting sweetly against the windows rested the sweetheart table with beautiful pastel purple napkins and crisp white linens from Jennifer with Over the Top Linens. The white tables and chairs were perfect for the garden themed vibe of the home and supplied by Darrin with Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals.

When the big moment arrived, guests hid quietly on the sides as Lisa and Jouse walked in. The reaction and emotion of Lisa seeing her friends and family from all over Florida and even those who flew in was pure magic. Tears flooded down as she hugged Jasmine and her husband. You could tell that it would be a night she would never forget.

After the tears took a pause and right before dinner, we grabbed a couple “newlywed portraits” of our beautiful couple. Lisa loves how passionate, loving, and a hard worker Jouse is, while Jouse loves Lisa’s ambition and how she can conquer anything she puts her mind to.

I asked Jasmine to reflect on the special day and her thoughts…

“My parents are the two most caring and giving people that I know. They are always putting everyone before themselves. All their lives they have always made sure me and my brother had everything we could ever want and need even if that meant sacrificing something they may want or need. I thought it was time to return that same self-sacrificing sprit to them and give them a wedding they never had on the big milestone of 25 years.

Being in the wedding industry myself really was a big help. All of my friendors as I call them really stepped in and made it be the night it was. If it wasn’t for them there would be no party.” – Jasmine Doublette with Brides Be Beautiful

Wishing this incredible family another beautiful 25 years to come and a big thank you to everyone who participated!

Venue: Luxmore Grande Estate

Design & Coordination: Bold, Beautiful and Beyond Weddings and Events

Hair & Makeup: Brides Be Beautiful

Lighting: Al Dee Productions inc

Candy Buffet: Florida Candy Buffets

Cake: Everything Cake

Linens: Over The Top Rental Linens

Rentals: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

Photo Booth OhSnap Orlando

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