Orlando Corporate Headshots Magnolia House at Trilogy

Magnolia House at Trilogy

I had the absolute privilege this past week to photograph my friend Erica Jaze and her team at the Magnolia House.  Check out their adorably stunning headshots below.

A little bit about the Magnolia House…  Situated in the Trilogy community, the luxurious Magnolia House boasts breathtaking vistas in every direction, lush landscapes perfect for formal portraits, and a 57,000 square foot club with a dedicated wing for special occasions.  Ceremonies held on the Event Lawn feature the most spectacular sunsets for guests to enjoy as couples’ say their ‘I Do’s.’  Paralleled to the grand architecture of the venue, is the team running the show.  Erica and her team are absolute sweethearts who truly go the extra mile in helping their brides have a perfect day.  I simply cannot recommend Magnolia House enough for your big day!

Venue: Magnolia House at Trilogy

Magnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House Trilogy
Magnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House TrilogyMagnolia House Trilogy


  1. What fun head shots for the staff at Magnolia House! I love your use of the property and everyone looks great!

  2. Very nice headshots, I’m sure the team at Magnolia House loves them and what a great thing for them to feature on their website for clients to get to know them.

  3. What fabulous headshots of the staff at the Magnolia House. The inside hall that you chose is simply stunning as a background to these professionals. I hope Orlando couples know how warm and inviting this venue is!

  4. Great job with these headshots for Magnolia House! No doubt more customers in Orlando will see these and want to hire you. I love how professional, yet natural each one is.

  5. Fantastic, creative business headshots! So great that you offer something unique to your headshot clients. The Magnolia House looks as fabulous as their team!

  6. I love these headshots! They are fun and not stuffy. Magnolia House is a such a cool location. They have a great team working there — good loooking too!

  7. These headshots are so professional and creative! I love how you even incorporated some fun images in there, too! The Magnolia House has a great history to share with Orlando and this gallery will draw in a lot of interest from new clients!

  8. The Magnolia House chose the right photographer in Corner House Photography for their head shots! These are beautiful images that show off both the staff and the venue. Any Orlando bride looking up this location in her wedding planning will be able to see your talent and be assured that you will produce gorgeous wedding portraits as well!

  9. These are beautiful head shots for Magnolia House! I love how they were able to show their personality in these photos. They definitely look like such a great team of people. Not to mention the venue of this place looks absolutely gorgeous!

  10. I have to say that what I love about these headshots is that you made the staff, and The Magnolia House so inviting to people! I’m in Toronto and looking at these photos makes me want to refer any and all brides to go down there to Orlando and have them as their venue!

    Great job Corner House Photography!!

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