Market Traders Timacuan Golf Club Holiday Banquet

Timacuan Golf Club hosted the third annual Market Traders Institute Holiday Party this past Saturday. David DeAssis and his team put on a fabulous event, ensuring perfection in every last detail. As guests arrived, they received gourmet chocolate candy bars in the shape of money and took pictures under the Timacuan Christmas tree. The tree was beautifully decorated with white, gold, and silver ornaments that complemented the silver chair covers with blue ribbon and table decorations. Each light in the tree created several reflections in the corner windows, which in turn created the perfect starry night sky backdrop.

Guests danced the night away with DJ Vince with Music Entertainment by Vince Roeshink playing the latest and greatest hits ranging from pop music to my favorite Jack Johnson. In between songs, the MTI managers gave out several special awards to employees for performance and living by the MTI standards. In an exciting twist, the employees surprised the managers with signed boards thanking them for their leadership.

Of course, I can’t forget the delicious cuisine. Chef really out did himself in serving a variety of meat, fresh caught seafood, seasoned veggies, and my personal favorite, mozzarella and tomatoes! Looking forward to the fourth annual MTI holiday party!

Venue – Timacuan Golf and Country Club

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