Mentor Session with Amanda Schmidt from Timeless Charm Rentals

Mentor sessions are a fun way to work with other vendors and my brides on learning their camera settings so that they can begin taking beautiful photos and understanding their camera a little bit more.  Last week I had the opportunity to mentor Amanda Schmidt from Timeless Charm Rentals on her Cannon camera.  Our lesson focused on getting Amanda to the next level from Aperture Priority mode to Manual with settings focused on objects that are standing still.  As the owner of Timeless Charm Rentals, Amanda wanted to be able to photograph her gorgeous antique and vintage pieces in a way that really brought out the beauty and rustic qualities.

Below is a little bit more about Timeless Charm Rentals.

“Timeless Charm is all about making your event unique and unforgettable with a rustic/vintage flair. The inspiration behind TC came to owner, Amanda, and her husband many years ago when they were planning their wedding. They have always had a rustic/vintage style and wanted their wedding to reflect this. However, they quickly realized that they weren’t going to be able to rent items that reflected their style. The only way they would get unique pieces would be to spend countless hours searching antique shops or making items themselves. Both of which they loved to do but can be very time consuming and as anyone who is planning an event knows time is a very precious thing. After their wedding, Amanda realized that there had to be other couples that experienced the same thing they did. They began asking around and found that many couples had gone through the same thing, but in the end had to settle for generic wedding decor.

The atmosphere of your event is one of the most important parts and what your guests will remember. You don’t need to settle on a generic event. Let Timeless Charm take the stress out of decorating with our unique rustic/vintage pieces that you and your guests will remember for years to come.” -Amanda Schmidt with Timeless Charm Rentals


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