Mission Inn Wedding

Andrea & Collin’s Mission Inn Wedding

Andrea and Collin tied the knot during their wedding at the iconic Mission Inn Resort and Club in Howey-In-The-Hills. My sweet couple chose the venue as it was the perfect historic feel combined with the perfect location for friends and family to come together across the state of Florida.

You may remember my couple from their first engagement that I like to call the “Notebook” when it poured down on us, or their second engagement at a science lab. True to form, both rain and a little science experiment took place on their special day, but more of that to come.

Andrea and Collin first met during their first week of freshman year at the University of South Florida. Both majoring in biomedical sciences at the time, they first locked eyes when placed in the same lab group during chemistry class. After class, Collin asked Andrea out to grab lunch and to his excitement she said yes! It was a match made in heaven and by the end of freshman year the two were dating exclusively.

Collin loves how similar their interests are and how entertained he is by Andrea’s clumsiness – yes clumsiness, but aren’t we all! Andrea loves Collin’s sense of humor and how he can always make her laugh no matter what the situation may be. The two also love how each one is willing to try out new things and go on adventures together. Little did Andrea know the adventure she would be on during their trip to Discovery Cove.

Collin knew that he wanted his engagement to Andrea to be fun, silly, and adventurous. He surprised Andrea with taking her to Discovery Cove, but that was just the start. While in the water during their dolphin encounter, watching the dolphins do tricks and swim about, a dolphin came right up to Andrea with a bouy. To her shock, the bouy said “Andrea will you marry me” written in bold letters. Of course Andrea said yes to both the dolphin and of course her hubby to be Collin! They ended their special day in a private cabana that Collin had decorated with flowers and a treasure chest with a diamond engagement ring sweetly placed inside.

Similar to their science themed engagement, the two planned a science themed wedding. Test tubes, beakers, and flasks filled with wild flowers adorned each table. The periodic table of elements acted as a way for guests to find their assigned table, which matched an element card on the table. The two even incorporated a dash of fire as they replaced the sand pouring with a chemical pouring during their ceremony. What I love most about the pouring of elements was that Andrea’s beaker read “Ab” for Andrea Bingham and Collin’s read “Cm” for Collin Morrison – it is the details that matter!

After a beautiful ceremony, we headed outside for formal portraits. The couple was originally suppose to have their wedding day outside next to the fountain, but Florida weather had a different idea in mind. However by going outside we were still able to use the backdrop of the ceremony location to bring in a little more greenery to their formal portraits with their family and wedding party. My couple of course rolled with the punches just like when our first engagement session was rained out, which made for a continuous good time when it came to the reception.

It is important to remember that your big day will not be perfect – yes that is right it just won’t be and that is okay! Honestly, I love rain on your wedding day. It doesn’t always help when it is around formal portrait time, but it is a good omen that a new start is beginning and the world is ready for your journey to begin.

Reception time was filled with delicious food catered by Mission Inn, fabulous music by Our DJ Rocks, and a gorilla partying it up with guests – yes a gorilla! So this was a complete first for me and I have to admit I was in shock for a good 30 seconds before I realized there was a gorilla in front of me. After my shock subsided, I was able to grab a few shots of the primate before he or she disappeared.

Our night ended with a sparkler send off and Collin bidding his groomsmen goodbye with a cigar toast. Wishing my sweethearts a sweet life together!

Venue & Caterer: Mission Inn Resort and Club

DJ: Our DJ Rocks

Dress Shop: Vocelles: The Bridal Shoppe

Men’s Attire: Mens Wearhouse

Rings: Diamond District


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  1. These wedding images are beautiful! I love all of the details that you captured and the love between the happy couple.

  2. Beautiful wedding photography! Mission Inn Resort and Club looks like a great place to have a wedding. And my goodness, that ring is stunning!!

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  7. I remember the science-themed engagement session these two had, and I knew their wedding would have to be fun! Your beautiful wedding photography proves that! The Mission Inn Resort looked just perfect with their test tube centerpieces. This wedding was definitely unique to this bride and groom!

  8. They made beakers and flasks look beautiful and elegant! That’s awesome! I love how this couple stayed so very true to who they are in their wedding planning and execution. They didn’t miss a single detail and it shows. The Bride’s dress was absolutely stunning! You showcased all of the big and small moments of their wedding so well, I feel as if I was there! Amazing job on this wedding, I am sure the couple is overjoyed with the many memories you have preserved for them!

  9. I love all the chemistry details they incorporated into their wedding! And the story about how he proposed at the Dolphin encounter. It is so sweet that he planned something so special. These wedding photos are beautiful. it looks like they had an amazing day!

  10. Once again! I’m so blown away by your gorgeous documentation of this Mission Inn Resort and Club Wedding. Next time i’m in Orlando I need to tag along as you photograph a Wedding so I can learn your secrets…. 😉

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