Lakeside Inn Wedding

Robin & Russell’s Mount Dora Wedding

Robin and Russell had a beautiful, traditional wedding at the Gloria dei Lutheran Church and fabulous reception at Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora, Florida. The two actually met about five years ago when Russell worked as a security guard at the gatehouse where Robin’s aunt and uncle lived. Every weekend Robin would drive up to visit her aunt and uncle and spend time with her horses. Robin and Russell would make small chat (and a little bit of flirting) at the start and end of her weekend trips.

After moving up closer to her family, the two began dating and have been together ever since. As Robin puts it, “we just wish we had met sooner in life, because he is the most wonderful man I have ever met.”

After three years of dating and realizing that Robin was his soulmate, Russell planned out a special date night with a proposal in mind. Russell started off by taking Robin to dinner and after wanted to walk to her the Carriage Museum to pop the question. Robin is as just as big of a horse lover as I am, and the Carriage Museum was the most thoughtful spot for an equine lover. However upon arriving at the museum, the two found it to be closed. Russell needed to think of a backup plan, and quick! He brought Robin back to their home and as soon as they go there he dropped to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Robin laughs that it is not the most romantic story, but truly it is a beautiful thought that Russell wanted to incorporate Robin’s love of horses and ended up proposing to her in their very own home together.

Their wedding was just as sweet as the two of them are. A little bit more traditional, Robin and Russell tied the knot in the beautiful Gloria dei Lutheran Church in Leesburg, Florida. Bold, red vases and benches adorned the aisle as Robin was walked down by her father to her husband to be. The ceremony was quiet and intimate with only their closest family and friends in attendance. I loved how their wedding truly was a “ying” and “yang” from a traditional ceremony to a vivacious reception at the Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora, Florida.

After saying their “I Do’s” and grabbing a quick family photo at the altar, we headed over to Lakeside Inn for dancing and dining. DJ Vince Roeshink played the best music (as always!) and lit up the dance floor with blue uplighting against the vibrant pink walls of the ballroom. Guests enjoyed a lovely dinner and danced the night away overlooking the gardens.

Wishing these two a beautiful life together!

Venues: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church ELCA & Lakeside Inn

DJ: Roeshink Entertainment

Rentals: Party Plus Rentals & Balloons

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  1. I think I should come down to Lakeside Inn just to see those beautiful palm trees. I can’t imagine posing for wedding photos with palm trees in the background! Florida wedding photographers (and couples!) are blessed! 🙂

  2. What a beautiful Lakeside Inn Wedding in Mount Dora! I love their proposal story and the way you describe (and show!) their amazing wedding day. Your detail shots are so gorgeous, and I love all that sparkle! I also love the portraits of Robin and Russell in front of all that beautiful greenery. Your couples are lucky to have you as their Orlando Wedding Photographer!

  3. Beautiful Lakeside Inn wedding photography! I love all the moments, details and love that you captured!

  4. What a gorgeous wedding and beautiful photographs. Lakeside Inn is a stunning venue for weddings! I simply adore the earring shot, orginal and gorgeous!

  5. Aww what a sweet couple. I love that she said that she wishes they would have met earlier in life, but bless them I hope they have a beautiful life filled with love from here out. The wedding photos turned out beautiful, and the Lakeside Inn looks like it work out perfect.

  6. Uhm those gardens around lakeside inn are just stunning! Great work with this beautiful wedding capturing all the important moments and little details. You are such a master!

  7. I never even have to see the blog title or watermark anymore to know the work of Corner House wedding photography! This wedding is just as beautiful as all your work. I love the jewelry and ring shots! This couple looks so happy, and they have beautiful memories captured to remember their day.

  8. What a great story this newlywed couple has! And they had a beautiful wedding day at the Gloria dei Lutheran Church and Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora. I love the contrast of the rich greens from the Florida foliage and her beautiful beaded wedding dress.

  9. Looks like this was an absolutely gorgeous wedding! I am in love with all of your detail shots, you captured everything so perfectly. Their engagement story is so cute, and sweet! Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and you have to roll with it. It was a perfect proposal!

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