Ocoee West Orange Trail Butterfly Garden Wedding

Caden & Josh’s Butterfly Garden First Look

Caden Owens and Josh Thomas tied the knot this past weekend among friends and family at the West Orlando Baptist Church. Both students, the two actually met during their Spring 2012 freshman semester at Pensacola Christian College. Introduced through mutual friends at a pizza and bowling party, their friendship quickly grew to dating due to the deep connection they shared over the love for their religion.

Over Summer break, the two kept in touch through Facebook and reconnected when school started back up in the Fall. They visited often one another often and discussed marriage, but nothing set in stone. Of course all along Josh knew it would be set in stone very soon. Being the sentimental guy that he is, Josh planned a sweet date for the two. While on their date, Josh surprised Caden with drawings reminiscing the day they met, their first date, exchanging of friendship rings, and many other precious moments. It wasn’t until the last drawing that Caden began to cry though. The very last sketch was a picture was a beautiful drawing of an engagement ring in a box. Before Caden could say a word Josh kneeled down, pulled out her engagement ring, and asked for her hand in marriage. With tears flowing down, Caden said yes, and the two began planning for their special day!

Their wedding at the West Orlando Baptist Church in Ocoee, Florida was lighthearted and fun. The two wanted their wedding to be a little more laid back and primarily focused on their ceremony and hugs with family.   Pastor Kenric Barnett reminded the two of the sanctity of marriage and that they are not only marrying one another, but their lord. As a wedding photographer, I am so privileged to be able to witness a variety of religions, cultures, and traditions. I have found though that no matter where, love, kindness, and believing in your relationship are the guiding principals. In addition to Pastor Barnett’s words of wisdom, the couple’s dear friend Cletis Lowe sung “I Will Be Here” and an adorable slideshow of the two played above to remind guests how they met. So of my absolute favorite moments were actually captured during their first look at the butterfly garden right by their church off the West Orange Trail. The relaxed setting of the park shaded by the tree canopy was the perfect spot.

After the ceremony it was time to celebrate! We all headed over to the church’s building next door to take part in enjoying the activities of a cake cutting, photo booth, flower toss, piñata (yes a piñata!), and an adorable bubble send off. Wishing these two an incredible life together!

Venue: West Orange Trail

Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-1 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-2 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-3

I just loved the moment Josh turned around to see his beautiful bride for the very first time.Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-4 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-5 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-6 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-7 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-8 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-9 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-10

One of my favorite black and white photos from their wedding.Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-11

And one of my favorite images 🙂Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-12 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-13 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-14 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-15 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-16 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-17 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-18 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-19 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-20 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-21 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-22 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-23 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-24 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-25 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-26 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-27 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-28 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-29 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-30 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-31 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-32 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-33 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-34 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-35 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-36 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-37 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-38 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-39 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-40 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-41 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-42 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-43 Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-44

Caden’s sunflower bouquet was a beautiful way to brighten her gorgeous day with a pop of color!Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Orlando-West-Baptist-Church-45

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