Orlando Temple Wedding

Meagan & TJ’s LDS Orlando Florida Temple Wedding

Meagan and TJ sealed the knot during their wedding at the LDS Orlando Temple. Located in the sweet town of Windermere, Florida, the Orlando Florida Temple is characterized by the grandeur of the pristine, white walls, magnificent glasswork on every window, arching columns that beckon you in, and the kindest people you will ever meet.

When Michelle Tebrugge, Meagan’s mother, was first looking for a photographer for her daughter’s wedding, she wanted a photographer who offered a more organic style that offered candid options in addition to a traditional approach. Upon giving Meagan several options, hoping she would pick me, Meagan selected Corner House as well. I was so excited when the pair first contacted me for a shoot that would be completely different from any I had done before. Meagan envisioned family photos, bridal portraits, and newlywed shots right after her sealing, but with the heat of the day also wanted a second option – nighttime!

I can’t even tell you how excited I was when they brought up the idea. I had always wanted to shoot a nighttime sealing, as the temple is completely lit up with extravagant lighting at night. We started off with panoramic landscapes to capture the grandeur of the temple and the couple’s love. Meagan and TJ were so incredibly patient as we ventured around the property for the perfect dewy sunset shots. With the sun setting quickly, we moved on to a few dramatic night time shots.

The two actually met in church back in 2013. Their friendship slowly turned into relationship once they began dating one year later. The two just clicked and love how considerate one another is. When they started talking about marriage in March, they knew very quickly that their future would soon be sealed. At the time they were dating long distance and didn’t officially get engaged until July, as Meagan puts it “you can’t exactly propose via skype!” With TJ moving back to Virginia, Meagan flew to meet him Salt Lake City to keep him company during his cross-country drive to his new town. Little did Meagan know, TJ was planning a surprise for her when she arrived. After TJ picked Meagan up from the airport, they headed over to the Salt Lake City Temple. There in front of the historic temple, TJ got down on one knee and asked for Megan’s hand in marriage – of course Meagan said yes!

Wishing these two an incredible life together in the beautiful state of Virginia!

Venue: Orlando Florida Temple

Florist: Cloud 9 Wedding Flowers

Dress Shop: Sweetheart Bridal

Sunset Wedding Portraits


Daytime Sealing


  1. Great job on this Orlando Temple Wedding. I can see how any LDS couple would hire you to document their LDS Orlando Wedding. You are a great LDS Orlando Wedding Photographer

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  3. These are lovely images, the mother of the bride seems like she got exactly what she was looking for in a wedding photographer with your candid and traditional approach. This had to be a lot of fun to shoot at the LDS Orlando Temple, great images!

  4. Wow! The LDS Temple in Orlando is beautiful! What a gorgeous building and grounds! Your wedding portraits do it all justice too. Not many photographers are equipped with the knowledge and proper equipment to capture those beautiful nighttime shots. That definitely sets you apart as a skilled wedding photographer!

  5. LDS Orlando temple wedding photography is very beautiful. Good job capturing these images for the couple

  6. Lovely images! As a LDS Orlando Temple Photographer you did an amazing job capturing the love between the bride and groom. The night time portraits are definitely my favorites.

  7. Samantha, your LDS Orlando Temple Photography is beautiful! I’m sure your couple loved their pictures. You’ve captured tons of beautiful moments!

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