Ponte Vedra Inn Wedding

Adriana & Doug’s Ponte Vedra Inn Beach Wedding

Adriana and Douglas tied the knot during their wedding at Cobalt Moon yoga studio in Neptune Beach and got ready beforehand at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Ponte Vedra Beach. You may remember my sweethearts from their very silly and very adorable playground engagement in Winter Park. Their elegance and love for one another truly shined through in their engagement and now also their wedding imagery.

My darlings actually met one another about a year ago during a training class in Charleston, SC. Both in the police force, training classes are a mandatory on occasion course that you have to go to. Adriana though was not one for a classroom setting and hid in the back thinking no one would notice her. However, not only did their teacher happen to notice her and called on her for a question, but Douglas noticed her as well. When the class partnered up, Douglas asked Adriana over to his table to be his buddy for the class. Learning she loved yoga (oh and of course focusing on getting the assignment completed), Douglas asked her out to a yoga date. Adriana reminisces that it wasn’t so much a date, but more of Douglas inviting himself along haha – props to Douglas for being persistent!

After their yoga class, the two headed out to sushi and realized they had a connection. Several dates later, their classroom flirting is a true and beautiful romance. When asking the two about what they love most about one another, it is that they are truly “best friends.” As Adriana describes, “neither of us have ever experienced that in a partner and it’s a dream come true.” After having dated for several months, Douglas knew that he has found the ‘one.’ Adriana was more beautiful, caring, and compassionate than anyone he had ever met. He planned out a sweet little trip for the two of them that began with Adriana finding her puppy missing… oh wait that doesn’t sound so sweet, but here is how the story goes…

Arriving home Adriana found her puppy missing and immediately called Douglas in a panic. He had actually came and picked up her pooch earlier in the day for a play date with other pups. He told her to “put on something nice for a fancy date night,” which she did and waiting for him to pick her up. Driving through the cobblestone streets, market lighting, and other whimsy of downtown Charleston, the two finally arrived in a parking garage to a hotel. Popping the trunk, Adriana was completely surprised that he had packed a bag of her clothes while she was at work and made a reservation for them to spend the night at a super nice hotel!

The hotel room was an absolute dream walking in. Roses and wine were all set up that made for a beautiful beginning to their evening followed by a lovely dinner. After being wined and dined, Douglas walked along arm in arm with Adriana in Waterfront Park. Quite nervous, he asked her “what would you say if I asked you to marry me?” Adriana of course said “yes” and while Douglas was a little nervous, his intention was quite clear. He had found the love of his life and never wanted to let go. Adriana remembers how nervous he was and that his proposal was honestly a surprise. She too knew she had found love in Douglas and her soul mate.

Wedding planning is not always an easy task. After a few venue goes and no goes, the two crossed paths with Cobalt Moon yoga studio and knew that it was perfect. Truly a reflection of where their story began, the intimate setting was casual, fun, and beautiful. The two decorated tables with desserts ranging from cake pops to one tier cakes dressed up with sprinkles and glitter for each guest to enjoy. Navy blue, blushing pink, and pops of gold could be found throughout their theme from the bridesmaid dresses to the sparkle on the centerpieces.

Our day actually started off elsewhere though, at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. The darling hotel and beach homes were just jaw dropping and the décor inside Adriana’s room was truly one of my favorites I have seen thus far. Blues, stripes, and greys set a beautiful inside palette for the stunning ocean view room. The girls had us cracking up from the time we arrived to departure. After capturing Adriana and her bridal party in their robes, putting on her dress, and a few additional stunning shots, we headed over to the main hotel to capture Douglas and his groomsmen having a little toast to the soon to be married man.

After spending a few moments with the guys, we headed off with Douglas to find the perfect first look location. Side note – Adriana, I can’t wait for you to see Douglas’ nervousness before you walked down – so adorable! Outside of the main hotel, sat a beautiful brick veranda. We set Douglas up with his back to Adriana so he couldn’t steal a sneak peek until she turned around. Walking up to her hubby to be and tapping him on the shoulder, Douglas turned around to see Adriana in her dress for the first time. Words could not describe how beautiful their moment was from endless hugs to holding back tears.

With their first look coming to a close, my second shooter Lyssa went to grab the rest of the wedding party. I can’t tell you enough how perfect it is to capture wedding party shots before the wedding. It drastically made things so much simpler and less stressful on my couple. My new favorite recommendation for couples who are having a first look!

Their ceremony was intimate and beautiful with guests sitting at their tables looking on as the two were married by Adriana’s stepfather. Following the ceremony we headed out to the beach for family portraits and a few more newlywed portraits as well. Adriana surprised us all with a quick little whisper to a surprise she had eluded to in an email to me. Walking back to Cobalt Moon, we made a quick detour off a brick side road. Douglas must have thought I was crazy, because he kept asking me where I was taking them – to be honest Douglas I just roll with the punches so I had as little clue as you did, but kept walking haha! I told him there was a spot up the way that we just had to use and as soon as I could tell Adriana was nearing the spot by looking at the ground, my team stepped back and captured the quick reaction. Adriana had prepared months prior a surprise for Douglas of a brick that simply said their names and wedding date. It was so much more than just a brick though, it was a brick on the walk that they love to take every time they visit Neptune Beach, it was a declared monument to a momentous occasion, and it was the sweetest gift for the two of them.

Our night ended with dancing, drinks, and a whole lot of laughs. Adriana and Douglas have become very near and dear to my heart from the time she surprised me with a monogrammed cup to always asking how things are going. I say it all the time about how lucky I am to have so many incredible brides, but I truly mean it. I am so thankful to have met this two kind souls and wish them the most incredible journey through life, together.

Wishing my sweethearts a fabulous honeymoon in the UK and a safe return back home to South Carolina!

Getting Ready Location: Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

Ceremony Location: Cobalt Moon

Catering: Funkadelic Food Truck

Makeup: Jill Stonier

Hair: Meagan Jean with RIO HAIR STUDIO

Florist & Party Favors: Etsy

Cake: Alley Cakes

DJ: Carlton with McGee Entertainment & Events

Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier

Dress Shop: The White Magnolia Bridal Collection Jacksonville

Officiant: Greg McCaulie

Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas

Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Men’s Attire Designer: Vera Wang

Rings: Polly’s Fine Jewelry

Ring Designer: Tacori

Rentals: All About Events

Barmix: Tim Flynn

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