Trash the Dress Powder Paint

Powder Paint Trash the Dress Styled Shoot

What do you get when you combine glamorous hair and makeup, dreamy floral design, divine cake artistry, and passion for photography… a beautiful collage of a storyboard powder paint trash the dress session!  Laura Reynolds with Laura Reynolds Artistry Hair and Makeup reached out to me to help her bring her vision of a vibrant and vivacious trash the dress session to life with the primary focus centered around powder paint.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with Laura, but knew we needed to bring in other creatives to help with the planning and details.

Laura reached out to our good friend Katie Scully with Blue Ribbon Wedding & Event design to help with putting together a dreamy, pastel bouquet that every bride would just love to have on her big day.  Katie’s expertise in creating the perfect white bouquet to complement what would be a very vivid colorful session was the perfect detail for our lovely model Jenny Cameron to hold.  With floral locked down it was time to move on to a sweet treat.  I knew the perfect person to reach out to would be Lia Brigner with Couture Cakes by Lia LLC.  Lia’s cake topper was the icing on the cake (literally and figurately) for the last remaining detail.  I knew she would be sure to surprise when I told her the canvas would be white with color added… stay tuned for the surprise!

Jenny our model was the perfect girl to play the part.  Her vibrant personality and killer smile was the quintessential pairing for our styled shoot!  With vendors and a model in place it was time to find a venue.  From doing my research, I found a majority of powder paint sessions are done in more of a city setting.  I really wanted us to break the mold and went with the complete opposite from an urban to rural local.  Little did the girls know what I had in mind.

When the date finally came, all four ventured out to meet me at the top secret location.  After walking a couple of miles, passing through grassy fields, climbing up a steep hill, and trucking through the sand we made it!  Our rural location was filled with exciting background options ranging from steel bars perching out of industrial cement building pieces to a rocky little hill.  What I love about the location for the styled shoot is that it feels forgotten.  Someone at some point left these beautiful pieces of cement and rock without a second thought.  With our passion, we were able to transform these backdrops into a beautiful rural industrial setting.

The shoot started off with showcasing the blank canvas of the white wedding gown, high-heels, bouquet, cake topper, and the fresh face of our model Jenny with a pop of hot pink lipstick.  The natural beauty that comes from combining these these fresh, clean elements together would soon turn into something incredible.  Key shots of close ups of each piece and our model were taken before and after.

Finishing up with the ‘before’ shots, we moved on to the fun part… powder paint!  Two weeks before the session, I started creating gorgeous hues of orange, pink, blue, purple, green, and yellow powder paint and watercolor.  The girls helped with creating the action shots by gently tossing (okay throwing) the powder paint at Lia’s cake and Katie’s bouquet before moving on to Jenny.  Laura’s enthusiasm to powder up her bestie was contagious.  We all quickly jumped in to help paint our model with the colorful powder.

Jenny was such a good sport, especially when it came time for the watercolor.  Using a couple of long water sprayers, we mixed a concoction of watercolor with water to give a more splashy look to Jenny’s gown.  During the splash-a-thon I was even able to grab a ‘behind the scenes’ shot of Katie and Laura, how cute!

After a dash of water color and a bunch of powder paint, it was time to reintroduce the cake and bouquet to our set.  Lia surprised us all with cutting into the most vibrant cake topper ever!  White on the outside and as vibrantly colored as our model on the inside, we all had to have a bite!  Katie’s bouquet turned into a magical mix of color.  Each flower took on it’s own colorful hue and looked perfectly paired with one another.

Our session ended with an adorable group selfie and the complete satisfaction that we brought our idea to life!

For more information on these incredible vendors, visit their websites below!

Laura Reynolds with Laura Reynolds Artistry Hair and Makeup

Katie Scully with Blue Ribbon Wedding & Event Design

Lia Brigner with Couture Cakes by Lia LLC

Samantha Eckhaus with Corner House Photography



  1. What an amazing styled wedding shoot! That must have been so much fun and Jenny was such a good sport. Btw I love love love the bouquet and i can’t tell if I love it more before the color or after!

  2. This trash the dress session is so fun! Love all of the colors of the powdered paint and how it looks on the dress, the cake and the bouquet! I even love the behind the scenes shot of the “shooters” – so fun!

  3. Interesting concept of doing powder paint for a trash the dress session. My favorite images are when she blows the powder.

  4. M’kay, I totally LOVE THIS!!!! *squee* What kind of brilliant, GENIUS photography mind thinks up the idea for a powder paint trash the dress session??? I just love (!) the juxtaposition of creamy white dress and bouquet amid the grungy, industrial location with the vibrant joy of the splashes of paint. And I especially adore the black and white photos. Just spectacular, every last photo! <3

  5. This looks like such a fun trash the dress session! I love that you used white accessories for everything to splash with color. And they all stand out just beautifully on their own in white too! And you were right that she was the perfect choice for your model…she smiled beautifully through the blasting! I think it would be hard to “trash” such a beautiful wedding dress, but this shoot makes it look like too much fun!

  6. It looks like you all had a BLAST with this Trash The Dress shoot! I love the progression of the images and how you displayed them. Showing everything nice and clean and white starting out, and then you ended it the same way, with everything splashed with color! Great job!

  7. I have got to be honest, I have never hear of this “trash the dress” type of session, but it looks like you had a blast! What creativity you have to try this out! That bride looked gorgeous before and after the fun paint!

  8. I always enjoy trash the dress sessions! This looks like such a fun photoshoot, and I like the location you chose in Orlando. Great job!

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