Kasandra & Cameron’s Downtown St. Augustine Engagement

Kasandra and Cameron drove down from Georgia to meet me in downtown St. Augustine for their adorable and very silly engagement session. The two actually met through a well – nontraditional route. It was actually on Twitter when the two happen to message one another back and forth after crossing paths through following the same people. Twitter chatting turned into a clear connection that led to late night FaceTime dates (seriously how awesome is it that you can meet “the one” on something we use every day to connect!). After speaking for some time digitally, the two finally planned a visit to meet in person. Kasandra flew down to Florida from Illinois to meet Cameron in person and four years later they have been together ever since!

Kasandra loves how Cameron balances her out, as she is a little more outgoing and loud, where Cameron is a tad more serious and introverted. As she puts it, “our opposite natures create a flow in our household that works for us.” It really goes to show that the old saying of “opposites attract” is very true! Oh, and of course I can’t forget to mention how much she loves the way he makes her laugh harder than anyone else she has ever met!

Cameron couldn’t agree more with Kasandra about them being the perfect ying and yang. He also loves the way she challenges him to be more social and brings him out of his shell, which makes him a better version of himself more and more every day. Her laughter and the way she can make him laugh along with her motivation and selflessness is what he has always looked for in a partner. Truly their inside beauty radiates along with their outer beauty. You can just feel the way they love one another by being around them.

After four years of dating and two years of living with one another in the heart of Atlanta, Cameron knew it was time to make the leap and ask for Kasandra’s hand in marriage. He wanted his proposal to be meaningful and reference the beginning of their relationship. Cameron knew that Chicago would be the perfect spot, but more specifically the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, better known as The Bean, where it became a tradition for the two of them to visit. With no exception, while visiting family last November, the two travelled by train to make the trip to The Bean. Cameron had even thought out the details of having a college friend film the engagement and with it being the first time Kasandra would meet him, she would think known the wiser. After making their way to The Bean, Cameron dropped to one knee and asked for Kasandra’s hand in marriage. Much to his surprise, Kasandra reminisces that she began “ugly crying” all while saying “yes!” Kasandra – seriously you are way too adorable to ever ugly cry hehe! It was truly both thoughtful and perfect for the two of them to start their journey together as one.

Fast forward back to our engagement session, you may notice a few furry cuties in a handful of the beginning photos. Cameron and Kasandra made the trip down with their fur babies to include them in the shoot. Their two pups, River and Perry, are both rescue mutts that they adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society. At just over a year old, they did an incredible job at sitting and staying still for a few shots before heading off with Cameron’s family to hang out until our session ended. Cameron let me know that “coincidentally, they’re behavior and personalities pretty perfectly mirror Kasandra and I’s. River is very affectionate and an outgoing social butterfly who jumps and licks on every person she meets (whether they’re willing or not). Perry balances her out nicely as he is significantly more subdued, keeps to himself more, and does things at his own page – much like Cameron.” Just like Cameron and Kasandra, River and Perry are the perfect balance!

After getting to know their adorable pups and spending some time with mom, sis, and grandma, my couple and I headed off for some engagement photos alone. Wandering around the cobblestone streets of St. Augustine, we played in fountains and had a blast being silly while eating ice cream. Some of my favorite shots are the two under a light post on a quiet little side street cuddled up with one another.

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot next September at the Winterbourne Inn!

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  1. Your love for each other is captured perfectly. The challenge ahead is to keep it present for the next 50 years! I think you two can do it!

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