Rollins College Engagement

Darren & Andrew’s Rollins College Engagement

Darren Francisco and Andrew Wright met me out at Rollins College for their floral engagement session. From Darren’s adorable floral wardrobe to walking among the rose garden was the perfect theme for my sweethearts’ session.

Andrew first laid eyes on Darren from across the bar when he was out one night in downtown Orlando with his best friend, who just so happens to also be his best man in their wedding. Being the smooth guy he is, his pick up line to Darren as he walked over to her was… and I quote… “you see that beer (pointing at the Newcastle Brown ale) that’s where I am from.” Okay, so definitely not a smooth pick up line, but I am sure Darren laughed about it at the time haha.

Heading back to, you guessed it, Newcastle, Andrew exchanged numbers with Darren and the two kept in touch. For two years Facebook messages and phone were their only method of communication, which was until they realized their friendship was so much more than just being friends. The two began flying back and forth for about 12 months all while maintaining a successful long distance relationship. Andrew knew he wanted to be with Darren and searched tirelessly for opportunities in Florida. As luck may have it, he landed a position at an engineering company in Orlando.

Fast forward two months later on September 29, 2015, Andrew obtained his visa and flew out from Newcastle to Orlando with a new job awaiting him, citizenship in the US, and most importantly starting his life with his beloved Darren.

During their 12 month back and forth flights from England to the US, Darren and Andrew had the opportunity to meet one another’s parents and friends. Close to his parents, Andrew wanted them to experience the moment that would change Andrew’s life forever. During a trip to Key West with Darren and his parents, Andrew brought the group to a secluded part of the beach. While his mum and Darren were chatting looking at the waves, Andrew bent down on one knee and popped the question. His rocky pick up line ended with a rocky proposal as he reminisces that “after a couple of minutes of Darren crying and me kneeling on very sharp pebbles, she finally said YES!”

Long distance can be very difficult, but for Darren and Andrew they knew that the end goal would soon come. Darren fell in love with how Andrew, or Andy as she lovingly calls him, makes her feel complete. Darren explains that “I can now understand what the phrase “love of my life means.” I can tell him absolutely everything and feel totally comfortable with whatever the outcome” is. Andrew loves how Darren makes him “feel at total bliss” through how happy, relaxed, and confident she makes him feel. Her beliefs mirror his own and he can’t wait to start his life together with her and husband and wife.

I always love asking my couples about their upcoming wedding plans and this time wanted to know the best and worst piece of advice my couple received so far for wedding planning. I have to admit I was completely laughing with my sweethearts best piece of advice, which was “register for good gifts!” I mean, why not, you always need new cute things for your house and honeymoon! The worst, well it seems to be the same from every couple that it is trying to please everyone else. It is your wedding, so as Andy and Darren put it, “do what is right for you.”

Looking forward to keeping in touch with my darlings as they plan their special day!

Venue: Rollins College and Virginia S Nelson Rose Garden

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