Simple Change Farm

Simple Change Farm

I met up with my sweet friend and trainer April and her amazing family this past weekend to take their family photos. Grandpa happened to be visiting that very weekend and we thought it would be the perfect time to capture their whole family together.

You may remember some adorable photos I have taken of little Ivy and her mommy Brook. Brook and April are best friends along with April’s son Reed and Brook’s daughter Ivy. As much as a jokester that Ivy is, I knew I was in store for a fun time when meeting little Reed.

Reed is just such a warm spirit to be around. I have to admit I just love his little smile and the way he got excited when grandpa picked him up. After posing for several family photos in front of the barn and near the fence, Reed asked if he could take a couple with his pony Scrabble.

After some adorable family photos, we let Reed and grandpa go inside to spend a couple of minutes focused on capturing April’s ponies. Capturing horses (and ponies) can be quite a challenge. As a fellow horse owner, we are so critical about their ears being up, which means they are paying attention and honestly just look so darn cute verses their ears being back signaling that they are grumpy.

Aprils hubby Jason helped April out in walking the trio of ponies for a group shot. I have to admit I am pretty impressed all three were paying attention with both their ears and eyes looking at the camera. Afterwards we spent a little time with some photos of just April and her adorable bunch.

I am truly so lucky to have such amazing friends. April is not only my trainer guiding me to improve on my riding and helping Sir Oso build courage, but a shoulder to lean on. She is always willing to listen and truly goes the extra mile for both her friends and clients.

Wishing the Plourde’s an absolutely incredible holiday season and year to come!

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