Bok Tower Gardens Engagement

Jennifer & Peter’s Bok Tower Gardens Engagement

Jennifer and Peter met me out for a dreamy sunrise engagement session at the stunning Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. I just love Bok Tower Gardens and have been shooting their regularly lately due to the numerous amount of backdrops and the ever so pretty lighting. It truly is such a magical place with the absolute most amazing group of volunteers!

My two heartthrobs began their romance during their senior year when they landed in the same design group. The two started off as friends working on projects together, but their friendship took a turn for the beginning of a beautiful relationship shortly after their first date. Jennifer just loves the way Peter is so incredibly sweet and how goofy he can be. He can always make her laugh no matter what the situation is, even with his silly jokes. Most importantly, she loves his personality. Peter loves Jennifer’s personality as well, along with her silliness and how adorably cute she is. Their comical love of life truly is perfection for having a fun time.

When asking about their engagement and how Peter proposed, Jennifer said she knew it was coming and that he knew that she knew… a lot of everyone knowing haha! At the time, the two were on a trip to Disneyland. True to Peter’s nature, he loves to make everything as special as possible. While Peter was planning to propose that day, after knowing that Jennifer knew that he knew or that she knew (this is getting confusing!) he knew that he had to through her off his trail. So that morning he gave Jennifer a promise ring and that he would soon have the real ring in due time. Well, fast forward to their Disneyland trip a few hours later, Peter brought Jennifer by the stunningly symbolic Snow White’s Wishing Well and asked for her hand in marriage. Jennifer was completely thrilled, surprised, and completely thrown off his trail by not expecting the proposal what so ever! She of course said yes and quickly ditched the promise ring for a lasting promise of her engagement ring! I love Peter’s choice of location, because of the symbolic nature of love taking chances and winning in the end just like Snow White’s story.

Jumping back to their engagement at the beautiful Bok Tower Gardens, the two knew all along that they wanted to have both their engagement session and wedding at the historic landmark. Peter grew up in Lake Wales and visited Bok Tower Gardens regularly as a little one. Jennifer just loves how he always takes her on personalized tours through the gardens and shares a beautiful piece of his childhood with her. I have to admit that Peter was the PERFECT tour guide to have – especially since he took us over every square inch of the park and was always willing to go down different paths when I saw the perfect spot in the distance for a beautiful photo.

The two love how picturesque the quality of Bok Tower Gardens is from the beautiful, never ending gardens to the Singing Tower itself. To them, it is one of the most unique and beautiful places in Florida to get married and I couldn’t agree more!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this coming December!

Venue: Bok Tower Garden

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