St James Catholic Cathedral Wedding

Meghann & Joe’s St. James Catholic Cathedral Wedding

Meghann and Joseph tied the knot during their St. James Catholic Cathedral wedding and partied the night away at the Orlando Regional History Center. The two actually met in high school, but didn’t become friends until junior year. After having lost touch for a year, the two crossed paths a friend’s house during a get together and started talking. A few days later after the party, Joe asked Meghann out on a movie date followed by a walk on the beach. That one fateful night bringing the two together turned into a beautiful six years of dating.

After having dated for a few years, Joe knew it was time to pop the question. On January 2nd of 2015, the two joined with family in celebration of Meghann’s grandmother’s birthday. Dinner was held at Cooper’s Hawk in Waterford Lakes among friends and family. After an incredibly delicious meal, while waiting for dessert to come out, everyone began taking pictures together which soon turned to pictures of Joe and Meghann. As Meghann turned around to look at Joe, absolute joy graced her face of seeing him on one knee. As Meghann reminisces, it was the “happiest moment of my life… so far.”

You may remember my sweethearts from their intimate beach engagement. I just adore so their vivacious personalities, warm souls, and willingness to jump in the water, which led to some absolutely stunning engagement photography. Keeping in touch, I was so excited for when their big day finally came.

Our day started off at the Bohemian Hotel in Orlando to capture Meghann getting ready. I love the modern, art vibe of the hotel and plush purple fabric found in almost every room. After capturing her details, dress, and a few fun makeup shots, we headed off to the church.

Located in the heart of Orlando and a stone’s throw from Lake Eola, St. James Catholic Cathedral was built in 1891 with final completion by 1952. From hand carved, wooden pews to a stunner of an entry way, the Catholic Church welcomed guests in for my couple’s big day.

Their formal ceremony was attended by all, yes all, of their family and friends. The support was incredible and the two were overjoyed to have everyone that they love the most there to witness their marriage. After the ceremony, family stayed for several massive family portraits. I must say that I am extremely impressed by all of their family members’ willingness to hang tight while we had little ones say “stinky feet” so that they smiled at the camera. Family portraits were followed by fun wedding party shots in front of the cathedral and newlywed portraits at Lake Eola.

Riding in his Camaro, Joe took his lovely bride to the lake while we followed behind. Lake Eola can be a bit of a challenge mid-day due to locals coming out to enjoy the area. However I knew that we would be able to make it work and captured the most GORGEOUS shots of my couple. The heart and soul of any photo though, is the subject. You can just feel the warmth of Meghann’s love for Joe and vice versa as they held tight and kissed close.

After newlywed portraits we drove to their reception held at the Orlando Regional History Center. The grand building is just jaw dropping and after capturing a few shots, we headed in to enjoy cocktail hour. From recreating sibling photos to enjoying Meghann and Joe’s specialty cocktail hour, all of their guests had an absolute blast.

The two envisioned a day as a “huge celebration with all of their family and friends.” Their color scheme was modern, classic white with pops of tiffany blue and fuschia. One of my favorite accessories from the day though had to be their flower girl’s fairy want bouquet that had a beautiful stargazer lily front and center – perfect for a little one!

Dinner was catered by 4Rivers and dancing shortly ensued after everyone had a chance to grab a bite to eat. Elegant Entertainment kept the party on the dance floor, while guests enjoyed throw backs and the latest hits.

Wishing these two an absolutely incredible life together and adventurous honeymoon in Bali!

Venues: St. James Catholic Cathedral & Orange County Regional History Center

Hotel: Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando

DJ: Elegant Entertainment DJ

Caterer: 4Rivers Smokehouse

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