Steinhatchee Landing Resort Wedding

Kassy and Brandon’s Steinhatchee Landing Resort Wedding – Steinhatchee Wedding Photographer

Kassy and Brandon said their “I Do’s” during their rustic wedding at the beautiful Steinhatchee Landing Resort in Steinhatchee, Florida. Located half way between Tallahassee and Ocala, the secluded little city of Steinhatchee rests quietly along off the beaten path. A destination area, it is the perfect place to get away as you enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods and water.

My sweet couple actually met online back in February of 2013. Both lovers of BBQ, the two had their first date at Smokey Bones in Mentor, Ohio, which lasted seven hours! Their date turned into several dates, which turned into a blossoming relationship and a strong connection.

Kassy is one of the biggest animal lovers out there. From wildlife to her pups, she adores all kinds of animals. Brandon who is also a big lover of animals knew that he had to incorporate Kassy’s love of wildlife into his proposal. During a trip to the Houston Zoo, Brandon strategically had him and Kassy sit in a special spot for the sea lion exhibit. Little did Kassy know what was to come! During the show, two audience members were “randomly selected” to come participate in learning about recycling as the star of the show, Cally the Sea Lion placed recyclables into each bin. The randomly selected audience members just happen to be Kassy and Brandon. Cally fished out an item from the pool and brought it to Kassy to recycle. After tossing a few, Kassy almost tossed a very special water bottle, but caught it just in time. Inside was a sparkly ring that was clearly not meant for recycling. In her absolute confusion Brandon asked her to look up and there in the stands stood their dear friends with signs that came together asking her to marry him. Seriously – how incredibly romantic and memorable!

You can even see the video by clicking here:

Of course Kassy said yes and the wedding planning began!

The two currently reside in Texas, but flew in for their destination wedding to celebrate with friends and family. Steinhatchee Landing Resort was the perfect spot for their wedding, as they loved the rustic elegance and ability for family and friends to stay nearby.

My second shooter Samantha and I started off our day with Kassy’s details before moving onto Brandon getting ready, and back to Kassy putting on her dress. Their ceremony took place outdoors under 30 year old oak trees that beckoned guests to come sit as they provided shade. What I loved most about their ceremony, is the laid back vibe and how they even incorporate Brandon’s best friend Dan Comelia as the officiant.

Newlywed shots took place at a variety of spots from the onsite church where they had their first look to a beautiful wooden pagoda with swings. A beautiful transparent tent set the stage for the reception as it shielded guests from the heat of the day and provided a beautiful view of the full moon that you could see through the panels. Our night ended with a sweet send off kiss as guests gathered around with sparklers to wish my beautiful couple a farewell.

Wishing these two and absolutely beautiful life together and safe trip back home to the big state of Texas!

Ceremony / Reception Venue – Croquet Lawn at Steinhatchee Landing Resort

Catering – Bell’s Catering

Makeup – Jackie with Moral Norman Studio

Cake Artistry – Jenni’s Cakes

DJ – Chuck Burnett with DJ Salt Life “The Party Starter”

Bridal Gown Designer – Maggie Sottero

Bridal Salon – M2 Milan Bridal

Officiant – Dan Comelia

Men’s Attire Designer – Tallia

Wedding Ring Shop – Robbins Brothers Engagement Ring Store, Houston

Wedding Ring Designer – The Groom! Brandon designed Kassy’s ring himself to create her dream engagement and wedding rings!

Rentals – The Event Group: A Tailgate Guys Company

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