Downtown Stuart Engagement

Kelly & David’s Downtown Stuart Engagement

Kelly and David are the sweethearts that movies are made of. My adorable couple lives down south in Coral Springs, but met me half way in Stuart this past weekend while I was volunteering for an impromptu engagement session in the heart of downtown.

Downtown Stuart is filled with the sweetest little shops, quaint coffee houses, and centered around Memorial Park where we met. The grand gazebo lent perfectly for adorable spinning photos of Kelly as she gently went into the arms of her hubby to be.

Kelly and David have a very interesting (and super funny) story of how they met – all of which was because of Anchorman! A few years back, David had created a parody Ron Burgundy Facebook page as a tribute to his love of the comedian. Due to everyone in Coral Springs friending the pseudo Ron, Kelly came across the page and liked it as well. David (sorry I mean Ron) would periodically post funny quotes to Kelly’s Facebook page and over time they began to chat up a conversation after he unveiled the comedian behind the mask. Conversations led into dates, which led into a beautiful, flourishing relationship.

As you expected, Kelly loves how silly David is and always has her smiling and laughing. She loves his positivity and how he truly brings out the best in her. David couldn’t have said it better when chatting about how Kelly makes him “a better man” and how she is the smartest, funniest, and sweetest person he has ever met.

After four years of dating and know Kelly was his soulmate, David planned a special trip up north to the one and only city of lights, New York City! Their getaway was truly magical and filled with so much love. From our photos, you may have noticed a special little trinket both Kelly and David wore from the movie up. As you guessed it, Kelly is a huge fan of all things love and Disney movies. She had always wanted to go on a magical horse and carriage ride, which David surprised her with! As they were strolling through the iconic Central Park, he turned to his beloved and asked for her hand in marriage. This Cinderella didn’t have to leave a glass slipper behind for her prince to find her!

Looking forward to capturing the magical wedding of my sweet couple next year at the Lake Mary Events Center!

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  1. What a beautiful sunny Stuart, FL engagement session! You did a fantastic job capturing this couple’s connection and love! I especially love the dancing set <3

  2. I seriously love Kelly & David’s Florida Engagement Session. The locations they choose are so pretty! I can’t wait to see their wedding next year.

  3. Beautiful engagement session! I love the story on how they met. The love them is so obvious and you captured them perfectly! Love her ring on the soda bottle cap too – so cute!

  4. What beautifully captured engagement photography in Stuart! They look like such a fun couple!

  5. Wow – what a beautiful engagement photography session! The location in downtown Florida is gorgeous and provided a perfect setting to show off the love they have for each other. Well done!

  6. Kelly & Davi’s engament photos are amazing! I loved ready the story about how they “met” via the Facebook fan page. Talk about a story to tell grandkids one day 🙂 They sounds like an amazing couple. Can’t wait to see their wedding photos.

  7. What a great story this couple has! And for a comedian, David is also pretty romantic! Those pastel colors in Stuart look so awesome as portrait backgrounds. I am sure this bride will have the perfect fairy tale wedding, and I can’t wait to see your wedding photos of it!

  8. These two look like the sweetest couple! Great mix of landscape and close-up shots, and I LOVE the dancing photos! Wow, I really had no idea how beautiful Orlando was until I started following your blog!

  9. I love this engagement session! Her dress compliments the beautiful Stuart, FL location you chose. The story of how they met is so cool! It’ll be a great tale to tell the grand kids years from now! I really believe that the best relationships are born from friendships. You can see the love and the connection between these two from your photographs, they look so in love! I can’t wait to see those wedding images!

  10. Downtown Stuart Florida served as the perfect backdrop to Kelly and David’s engagement session. I especially love the variety of scenes you were able to shoot, from lush greenery to rustic architecture, all within the same location. Some of my favorite shots were of this couple nuzzled in close and the “almost kiss!”

  11. Samantha, these engagement photos are just wow. That location is just as stunning as this newly engaged couple. The connection between these already has been dreaming of how beautiful they will look on their wedding day. I will be on the look out for that next blog. The photographs of her spinning into her husbands arms are what every girl dreams of when they think of there fairy tale husband. Congratulations to these two I am so excited to see what you capture in their future!

  12. What a happy shoot, clean and vibrant colours and loving the b+w images – your client should be over the moon with these 🙂

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