The White Room Wedding

Stephanie & Andre’s Military White Room Wedding in Saint Augustine

Stephanie and Andre tied the knot this past week during their wedding at The White Room in the historic city of St. Augustine, Florida. My lovely couple are actually high school sweethearts having met back in 2006 at South Broward High School. The two first crossed paths when they noticed one another during JROTC. As Stephanie puts it, “we were completely opposite from each other. He was quiet and such a sweet heart, while I on the other hand was talkative and a little mean.” However opposites truly do attract and their chemistry was undeniable.

I always love to include quotes from my couple and couldn’t help but want to share the following in addition to their love story. When asked about how Stephanie first felt about Andre, she replied:

“As we took time to know each other, I noticed these amazing qualities in him: In times of pain he comforted me and made me see Hope even when I could not. He showed me love in times of support and as a friend he respected and honored me because that is who he is. Those were the values I had envisioned in the man I would marry one day and he carried them within him; and every day after that I keep falling in love with this incredible man.”

I truly believe that their special kind of love is rare and does not always happen. Before Andre’s employment to Afghanistan in 2009, he had always reminded Stephanie that one day he would pop the question over the phone while serving. Stephanie truly didn’t know when that time would come and was in complete shock when it did. One fateful night, Andre rang Stephanie up while she was at home with her sister. Little did Stephanie know that her sister was in on the plan Andre had thought up. While on the line proposing, Stephanie’s sister popped down on one knee with a beautiful ring Andre had bought for Stephanie. It was truly the “cutest thing ever” as Stephanie puts it, because it combined her love of family with her love for her partner Andre. Of course, Stephanie said yes!

My second shooter Laura and assistant Samantha tagged along for my gorgeous couple’s special day. Due to the approaching storm, we headed out of Orlando early and made our way for beautiful Saint Augustine. Unfortunately with all the festivities my groom and groomsmen were running a little behind, however we were able to capture his beautiful wife to be and her girls getting ready at Casa de Solana. After capturing a few quick shots, we headed on over to grab photos of the venue prior to guests arriving.

The two envisioned a wedding that honestly would be everything Stephanie wanted as a little girl, but not expensive or extravagant, more true to themselves. My pair felt that that what matters most is truly their friends and family. However, I must say that their wedding was absolutely beautiful. Wood chivalry chairs lined the ceremony aisle, beta-fish floral centerpieces with white and black trim table numbers were centered on every table, and of course a fabulous view of downtown St. Augustine made for a gorgeous wedding.
Wishing these two a beautiful life together with their two little ones!

Venue: The White Room

DJ: ProShow DJ Service

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  1. What a beautiful job you did photographing the wedding of Andre and Stephanie – I love how you captured the love they share as well as the fun too. Your attention to detail is impeccable – the bride put a lot of thought into her special day and you captured each component so well. I am sure the family will treasure these images for generations to come! Well done!

  2. Absolutely beautiful portraits Corner House Photography! St. Augustine is one of my favorite places and this White Room wedding is wonderful overlooking Matanzas Bay! I love the superhero shirts for the groomsmen, they look like they had a great time with that!

  3. Beautiful wedding! Love the elegant details and The White Room looks like it was the perfect venue for their big day! The superhero shirts on the groom and groomsmen are so fun too!

  4. Great job with the wedding photography of this Orlando Wedding! You did a great job capturing all the little details that make up such a special day.

  5. I love a military wedding! The groom is so handsome in his uniform. I also love all the details of the brides rings and jewelry. What a beautiful wedding at The White Room. You are a fantastic Orlando Wedding Photographer!

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  7. This wedding at the White Room in St. Augustine is beautiful. The Bride was beautiful and I love the ring shots using the groom’s uniform. Great job

  8. What a beautiful wedding at The White Room in Saint Augustine! Those ring shots you got are AMAZING! Love love love them! Looks like Stephanie and Andre had the perfect day and you told their story so well through your photographs!

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