Watermelon Baby Portraits

Florida Winter Watermelon Baby Session

Our Florida Winter theme for Laila’s eleven month shoot was absolutely spot on. Last year it dipped below the 50s in October, however this year even in November it is still hovering around the 60s-80s daily. Of course, we can’t complain and adore the crisp chill in the air paired with our sunny days. Mommy Amanie came up with the idea to incorporate a little bit of Summer into our Winter shoot. With baby Laila in tow, Amanie met me at their local neighborhood park to capture Laila eating her first piece of watermelon, ever!

I love “firsts” and this moment was no exception. Laila was all smiles and little laughs as she chomped on the cold piece of fruit. I would say that roughly 1% made it in her tummy, while the other 99% was just fun for her to hold and drop on the ground… hehe. What I love so much about this little family, is there values. Amanie and Tarek are incredibly caring people and it shows in their parenting. As much as baby Laila was enjoying eating her watermelon alone, she kept trying to share a piece with her mom. It was just so sweet seeing her already understand sharing and wanting to make sure her mommy was fed too.

During our shoot, Amanie also broke out the bubbles! It was adorable to see Laila trying to catch them in her hands and pop them when they fell to the ground. I am sure you also noticed how perfectly Laila’s outfit matched our shoot. With an adorable green dress to her sweet watermelon leggings from the Baby Leggings company, she as just too cute for words.
With the rain approaching, we grabbed a quick couple of moments to capture mommy Amanie and Laila swinging. Honestly, these photos are my favorite from the entire shoot. I just love little Laila sneaking a quick glance over at me, while wrapped up in her mommy’s arms on the swing. Sometimes the moments that aren’t “styled” are the best ones.

Looking forward to celebrating the big numero uno with this little lady in December. I might be a little bit of a teary mess witnessing such a milestone birthday and reflecting on every incredible month I have had in documenting this little girl growing up.

Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-1Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-2Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-3 Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-4Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-5 Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-6Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-7 Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-8Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-9Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-11 Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-12Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-13 Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-14Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-15 Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-16Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-17 Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-18Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-19 Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-21Watermelon-Baby-Portrait-Session-20

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