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Jamie and Matthew’s Winter Park Engagement – Winter Park Engagement Photographer

Jamie and Matthew are a ‘go with the flow’ kind of couple as the trusted me leading them through well… sticky situations, during their engagement session. Among the many no trespassing signs, house alarms being set off, and home owners taking interest in our session, we were on an adventure to find the perfect spots for photos in the neighborhoods off Park Ave. in Winter Park.

The two met online and had their very first date back in February of 2014. They knew instantly that there was a connection like no other and have since been inseparable. Jamie and Matthew are truly yin and yang. Jamie’s vivaciousness complements Matthew’s tranquil personality. I loved how they helped one another out by telling jokes and even tickling to bring out genuine smiles.

Last October, Matthew brought Jamie to the gorgeous city of St. Augustine since she had never been. It was an experience she would never forget. Throughout their time walking the cobblestone streets, exploring the historic buildings, and walking by sea; Matthew had been preparing for the big moment in the perfect spot. He brought Jamie to the St. Augustine lighthouse, which was special in that the lighthouse in her New Jersey hometown was her favorite spot to enjoy. At the very end of their day and the very moment of the sun setting, Matthew proposed to his Jamie. Jamie knew there was no other for her and her heart was his; she of course said yes.

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at the Winter Park Wedding Chapel in November!

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