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Best Orlando Wedding Photographer

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"Samantha and her wedding team were patient and understanding. She makes you feel at ease and her photography was very natural." -Emily & Drew

Corner House Photography is a Florida based wedding photography team serving Orlando, Tampa, and everywhere in the sunny state of Florida where love can be found. Owner and photographer, Samantha, and her wedding photographers specialize in wedding and engagement photography. Capturing and creating beautiful wedding imagery that tells the story of your special day is the heart and soul of our company.

"Both my team and I believe that as your photographer it is our purpose to capture the unique and individualistic story of the love and connection that you and your fiancé share. Whether it is capturing the excitement of a couple who was just engaged, the overwhelming joy on their wedding day, or a couple who has just become parents for the first time; it is our goal to create images that when looked back on for years to come are both timeless and ignite the very same feelings you had on your special day."

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