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Nationally published wedding photographer, Corner House Photography owner Samantha was voted as top three Central Florida wedding photographers. Samantha and her wedding photography team are known for their clear, clean, and crisp imagery that is both elegant and timeless.   Click here to visit our home page to view our video!


"Most importantly as a contemporary wedding and portrait photographer, I love being able to tell stories of love through my imagery.  I believe in the beauty and individuality of every story I tell. Sharing my passion with others through capturing all of the personality, love, and cherished moments in a way that is elegant and authentic to you.  My shooting style is unobtrusive and supportive when needed in providing guidance on posing.  For me and my couples, I want my photography to be an experience where you feel comfortable enough to relax and just be you." xo, Samantha

"A good photographer shows you what something looks like. A great photographer shows you the subject's soul. Samantha is a great photographer. -Anita
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Starting out as a newspaper freelancer, Whitney's hobbyist enthusiasm for photography took off when she jumped into weddings full time. Joining in 2016, Orlando Tampa wedding photographer Whitney travels throughout to help capture beautiful weddings.

Above all, Whitney describes the feeling of being behind the camera, as "a creative flow, without doubt." It is this outlook that makes her such an integral part of our team and love for capturing our sweethearts say, "I do!"

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It all began in the darkroom! For Orlando Tampa wedding photographer Dawn, her passion for photography began with film and a little darkroom she set up in her home. Starting off with learning about film, she evolved to moving to digital when she began photographing weddings. That same passion only became even more emboldened as she fell in love with documenting the many amazing memories during a wedding day.

As Dawn explains, "Above all the best part of my career is both getting to know my couples, but also getting to see how much their friends and families love them. It is just a great day for togetherness and joy!"

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Lana has certainly made her mark through the candid moments she captures. From silly laughs to that quick smile, each moment beams like a ray of light in every images.

Joining the team in 2017, Lana had a background in family studio portraits. As Lana explains it, "I just love being able to capture and share so many beautiful moments from such a big day."

Orlando Tampa Wedding Photographer

Lori got a camera for Christmas when she was eight and hasn't put it down since! She earned her bachelor's degree in photography from RIT and started her career as a photographer for a travel magazine before transitioning to wedding photography.

"Capturing meaningful moments that people will look back on is what makes me happiest!" Lori says. And she truly does just that for our clients too!

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Growing up, Jacob's father always had a natural ability behind the lens. As a result, this talent was passed on to Jacob. His love for his couples speaks volumes in his images.

For Jacob, "I am a people person and love to be around couples on their happiest day. It is so special in being allowed to photograph one of the most intimate moments of their lives."

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Jenna’s passion for weddings stemmed from her event planning and catering background. Being around so much happiness and beauty inspired her to want to help capture it so it could always be revisited. Appreciating all the hard work and thought that go into weddings, details are never missed on the big day. She aims to capture couple’s candid moments that show their nature personalities.

Jenna “Loves the excitement and challenges each wedding has. Being able to capture each couple’s uniqueness is what I strive for.”

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Christina's first connection to photography came from her Grandmother who was also a wedding wedding photographer. Gifting her a camera at 11, her love of the craft grew into adulthood; as she began photographing weddings in CT before moving to FL.

From Christina, "I believe that wedding photography shouldn't just show how you looked on that day, but also how you felt - evoking emotions that only a window back in time can provide."

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The newest member to our team, Amy has been capturing weddings for the past five years in Illinois before recently moving to the sunny state of Florida.  Her focus on capturing those in-between candid moments, along with a mix of guided poses, shows in the beauty of her work.

As Amy explains, "I love embracing the imperfect and relationship moments of a wedding day, but the photos are not my passion, people are."  Truly her dedication to our couples it was makes her shine!