Armature Works Engagement

Alana & Whitney’s Armature Works Engagement

Armature Works Engagement

Alana and Whitney met me out in Downtown Tampa for their Armature Works engagement session.  Soon to also be the place of their big day, the two could not have imagined a more perfect spot to capture their engagement!

Having met back almost three years ago online, the two shared a first date on January 7th of 2017 at Lakeland Brewery.  Talking over drinks and getting to know one another, soon turned into an extended date through walking around Lake Morton in the cold weather together, and also having their first kiss.  Both realized their was something between them and since their first date continued to spend every weekend together after that until finally moving in together in April of last year.

Falling in love with how Whit “always plans fun adventures,” Alana loves that he enjoys spending time with her.  As she explains further, “we have never stopped “dating”.”  Such an important attribute in any relationship, remembering to court one another places value in shared time together.

For Whit, he fell in love with how “beautiful, funny, energetic, optimistic” that Alana is; along with how she complements in him in so many ways.  As Whit explains, “one of the things I love most about Alana is that she always brings joy and happiness to the people she interacts with, me included.”  Her smile and laughter is both “infections and endearing.”

Planning their May trip to the beach, it was not a surprise when Whit began working on a weekend stay in Siesta Key.  Enjoying their first day soaking up the sun and sand, the two headed to bed early exhausted from relaxation.  On their second day of vacation, the two were determined to stay out a little later  and stopped by a local bar for a drink before walking back to the hotel.  While afterwards Alana’s plans were to jump into her pajamas and cozy up on the couch with Whit, Whit had a different plan – he was going to propose!

Rushing to grab the ring from its hiding spot in the bathroom, he came out quickly after they got back to their hotel to find Alana had already changed and was about to start watching tv.  Turning off the tv, Whit completely confused Alana at first, but he led into saying “you know I love you right?”  At that very moment, Alana realized what was about to happen and pretty much immediately began crying tears of joy.  She followed up with saying, “no, no, no” as in realizing she was in her pajamas and not the ‘picture perfect’ outfit.  Getting down on one knee, he pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him.  Continuing to cry like crazy, it was the sweetest moment that Alana explained she “will always hold dear to my heart and never get tired of telling.”  While the outfit might not have been ‘picture perfect,’ the moment truly could not have been moreso!

Looking forward to capturing my sweethearts big day this coming November back at Armature Works!

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