Alivia is One Year Old!

When Nicole and Andy asked me to capture their little Alivia’s one year old milestone coming up on October 11th, I was over the moon to be able to meet Alivia and see her mommy and daddy again.  From their engagement, to wedding day, to maternity session… and now baby girl’s one year old birthday, it has been an incredible journey that has just only begun with an incredible family.

From one month to now one year, Alivia has been on the move.  Now able to crawl, climb, and walk, she has definitely been keeping her mommy and daddy on their toes.  I love how Nicole described her changes between the two time periods, “…her personality is really shining through.  We can really start to see each of ourselves in her.  It’s the most rewarding experience we have ever had, but it sure does make you realize just how quickly they grow up!”

Her vivacious personality comes out through her favorite things that she likes to do, like singing and dancing to music, emptying every (literally, every!) cabinet in the house, swimming in the pool, playing with her two puppies, and of course, tell mommy and daddy, “no!” when she wants things her way haha.

With so much love having come from the birth of little Alivia, Nicole and Andy reflected back that they actually almost didn’t have children.  When they were married, as Nicole explains, it was completely off the table, but they changed their minds.   Gracing mommy and daddy with her presence, Nicole and Andy can honestly say that, “mo matter how tired we are, or how long the days can feel, we would go back and do it again every time.  We couldn’t imagine going through life without knowing her and loving her, and without sharing this amazing experience as a couple.  And we make really cute kids, so that’s totally a bonus!”

I couldn’t agree more – Alivia is definitely the cutest inside and out.  Looking forward to seeing this little one continue to grow into a beautiful young lady, and seeing my sweet friends again soon!

Venue: Cypress Grove Park

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