Baldwin Park Engagement

Shelby & Richard’s Baldwin Park Engagement

Baldwin Park Engagement

Shelby and Richard met me out in beautiful Baldwin Park for their adorable engagement session with their pup Brinkley.  Residents of Baldwin, it was so nice and very special to be able to photograph the two in a place they love so much.

The Passing Years

Having met in high school, the two had found something special in one another when they first began dating, however when college approached they parted ways.  Through college the two kept in touch, and after graduation picked up where they left off.

What They Love Most

Falling in love with how much Shelby loves their family, Richard explained “she is the happiest when she is spending time with Brinkley, and with me – thinking of our future children.  Her happiness comes from owning that there is nothing more important than the time we spend together.”  For Shelby, she explained that her and Richard are “soul twins,” which shines through in the way Richard loves her and would do anything in the world for her.  Having grown up together through high school, college, and now into adulthood, Shelby explained that “we have only grown closer as the years have gone by, and we have known for a long time that we would get married someday.”  Both exclaimed that, “we’re both just so happy that someday is here!”

February 5th

But how did that day get here?   Well, February 5th has become an extra special day for Shelby and Richard.  Back in 2007, the two began dating on February 5th, and Richard knew that he wanted to incorporate the start of their forever with the day that they started dating.  Asking Shelby if they could celebrate Valentine’s Day a little earlier on their dating anniversary, he drove her down to Honeymoon Island to enjoy a day out together.  A favorite beach of theirs, the two reminisced by listening to their old CDs, talking about their first “dates”, going to high school basketball games, and all of the other fun things they did together at the start of their relationship; along with how much they have grown.  A beautiful day spent at the beach was followed by dinner, and you guessed it – a proposal!  Shelby of course said, “yes,” and on February 5th of 2019 the two were officially engaged.

Celebrating their recent proposal with an engagement session was the perfect kick off to their year of being fiances. Bringing along Brinkley for their engagement session was an absolute must!  Shelby’s pup growing up, he has known Richard for quite sometime and loves him just as much.  And of course, it wouldn’t be a wedding day without him, as the two will be including him as the “Best Boy” for their wedding!

Looking forward to capturing Shelby and Richard tie the knot this upcoming February 5th at the beautiful Capen House in Winter Park, Florida!

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