Bok Tower Engagement

Eve & Willy’s Bok Tower Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Bok Tower Engagement

Eve and Willy met me out in beautiful Lake Wales, Florida for their gorgeous Bok Tower engagement.  A first time visit to the beautiful bell tower, the two loved the opportunity to go on a little adventure with me as we toured the grounds taking pictures.

Now living in Lakeland, the two actually met in the Summer of 2012 through mutual friends while hanging out.  Striking up a conversation with Eve, Willy soon knew that he had to see her again.  Exchanging numbers, led to keeping in contact, hanging out often with their mutual friends, and finally a first date that led to many more.

For Willy, he fell in love with how kind Eve is to him and everyone around her, while for Eve, she loves how smart Willy is but can also admit when he is wrong.  I must say in addition to how they feel on the inside about one another, it was also clear as day on the outside by their laughter and how they looked at one another as well.

Knowing he had found the one, Willy proposed to Eve during her graduation party this past May.  Waiting until they were alone, he asked her to walk outside which was when he got down on one knee and popped the question; and of course Eve said, “yes!”

Bok Tower Engagement Bok Tower Engagement Bok Tower Engagement Bok Tower Engagement Bok Tower Engagement

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