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Bridal Tips: Wedding Videography

Wedding videography for your big day is such an amazing way to capture live moments in addition to beautiful still imagery provided through photography.  With our add package of videography, we offer a beautiful film of your big day in a style that is timeless and elegant.

Wedding Videography Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included with the videography package? Our videography package includes one 12+/- minute film that incorporates the key moments of your big day.  Personal vows or a love letter can be included for vocals flowing through the video, however we do not use or record toasts.
  2. Can I pick my own music? Unfortunately no.  Due to copyright law, we are legally only allowed to implement music in which we have purchased the rights too.  We love using a mix of instrumental and vocal music for our songs that we currently have copyright privilege too.
  3. Do you offer raw footage or record the entire wedding?  Upon booking, many samples of our videos could be found on our website.  Our style of film includes beautiful highlights from the day, and in turn our style of filming is in short second segments, as there is no need to record longer due to our style of editing.  As per our contract, we do not offer raw footage, nor was this included within the package upon booking.  We are very flexible in allowing family/friends record whole segments of your wedding day – please just notify our team on the day of your wedding.
  4. Is the videographer the same person as the photographer?  No, our videographer is not the same individual capturing your photography.  It is absolutely critical to have separate professionals capturing your wedding photography and videography.  Our company videographer is solely focused on filming your big day, and not photographing your big day.
  5. How do I receive my video after my wedding?  An email will be sent out with a link to both a public and private URL link where you can download and share you wedding video.

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