Albin Polasek Capen House Wedding

Michele & Tim’s Purple and Peach Capen House Wedding

Michele and Tim tied the knot during their beautiful outdoor wedding at the Capen House in Winter Park, Florida. Located in the heart of the Albin Polasek Museum and overlooking Lake Osceola, this romantic spot is the picturesque Winter Park location for a stunning outdoor, garden wedding.

My sweethearts Michele and Tim wanted an intimate wedding filled with their closest friends and family. Their purple and silver color scheme could be found everywhere throughout the day from Michele’s beautiful bouquet to the table linens.

Our day started off with capturing Michele getting ready. My second shooter Lyssa and I focused on detail shots before moving to Michele’s gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, wedding dress. I just love full length, lace sleeves, which reminds me of the princesses we loved growing up. After capturing her jewelry, shoes, bouquet, and dress, Michele was ready to button up.

The two tied the knot overlooking beautiful Lake Osceola. The cool breeze and shade from the massive laurel oak trees was the perfect combination for guests to enjoy the weather and ceremony. Coming out of the back entrance to the Capen House, Michele walked down the aisle on the arm of her father to her soon to be beau.

After the ceremony, we captured a few adorable portraits with family and friends before moving on to newlyweds. I just love the pastel greens in the background of my couple’s newlywed shots along with the pops of color from Michele’s bouquet.

Their reception was just as intimate as the ceremony by having family two rows of family style seating and a sweetheart table. I loved how it brought everyone together no matter what end of the table you were on. Our day ended with enjoying a slice of cake after the cutting of the cake and a sweet goodbye as our two darlings hopped in their car and headed for Hawaii!

Wishing these two an incredible life together!

Venue: Capen House at the Albin Polasek Museum And Sculpture Gardens


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