Renee & Lawrence’s Casa Feliz Wedding

Renee and Lawrence tied the knot during their Casa Feliz wedding.  The two gave me the heads up during their engagement that their wedding party, family, and guests would be a blast to photograph, along with dancing the night away.  Sure enough, both myself and second shooter Lana enjoyed every moment with our sweethearts and everyone who came out to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Lawrence first laid eyes on Renee at a local bar while both were attending the University of Buffalo in 2008.  He didn’t know at first, that Renee had actually seen him around campus and definitely had a college crush.  After a little bit of ‘liquid courage’ and her girlfriends pushing her towards making a move, Renee approached Lawrence at the bar and introduced herself.  Being the big teddy bear that Lawrence was and still is, he immediately took Renee up for a dance and two chatted all night long.  The commonalities between them was immeasurable, but just to name a few they actually both grew up in the Bronx and lived just two blocks from one another, of course the same college that they were attending, and activities like attending football games that they both loved.

Following through with a call and official date, the two became inseparable and fell madly in love.  Renee loves how far Lawrence’s heart reaches both in his personal and professional life as a social worker and coach to at risk students in low income areas.  For Lawrence, it is the way that she brings out the best in him – I could easily tell this with every moment during their wedding day.  Even though his groomsmen were a bunch of goofs and having a blast, Lawrence would instantly become more serious, bringing Renee close to him as soon as it was time for photos together or while toasts were taking place.

The two fell in love with Casa Feliz for their wedding venue due to the Mediterranean architecture and historic beauty.  It was the perfect place for an intimate ceremony on the front wing of the home and a celebratory reception in the back wing and inside.  Our day actually started off with capturing Renee getting ready.  Lawrence had yet to arrive, but once he did we grabbed shots of him getting ready, along with his groomsmen.  I swear their laughter and silliness could be turned off and on instantly; Lawrence just had this way to rile them all up, but also have them be more ‘GQ’ for photos as we went along.

Renee’s dress was a dream – I just LOVE sleeves, especially when dappled with gems.  It was the perfect dress for her venue, and had a vintage vibe that also felt modern.  Keeping it traditional, Lawrence first saw Renee as she walked down the aisle.  Her beauty radiated and guests were in just absolute awe of her grace.  With their ceremony starting outside, the rain had other plans halfway through as guests headed inside after two special guest blessings.  Renee and Lawrence totally went with the flow though and we finished their ceremony inside.  Afterwards, we headed outside underneath the massive arch where we had taken their engagement photos.  Sheltered from the rain, which was fortunately very light at this point, our sweethearts took their family and wedding party portraits underneath the arch.

With the rain having ceased, we took our sweethearts out around the grounds of the venue for newlywed portraits before heading back in for their reception.

Toasts from Renee’s Maid of Honor and Lawrence’s Best Men brought tears to our couples eyes, along with a ton of laughter.  Tears flowed as our couple hugged each of the individuals who had brought so much joy to their lives.  Dancing soon ensued along with a fun photo booth for guests to jump in and out of with our newlyweds.  Unsure of how to end the night, we suggested and made happen a fun send off as our couple walked down the stairs outside to exit, stopping along for kisses and hugs along the way.

Wishing these two a fabulous life together, filled with just as much silliness and joy that they had on their wedding day!

Venue: Casa Feliz

Catering: Arthur’s Catering and Events

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