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Megan & Matt’s Coffee Shop Engagement

Megan and Matt’s coffee shop engagement was the perfect way to kick off their wedding year by snuggling up while it was raining outside.  Our early morning plans for their outdoor engagement took a turn for the indoors when Barnie’s Coffee allowed us to use their shop as the backdrop.  Fortunately, the rain calmed down just long enough for these two to also get a few cute shots along Park Ave.

Almost two years ago to the day, Megan moved to Orlando.  Not long after moving, she met Jess and could not have expected what would the future would unfold due to their friendship.  Now her soon to be bridesmaid in her wedding, Jess invited Megan out one night to meet up with her friends at a local spot where she met Matt.  Their attraction was immediate and the night flew by from talking over drinks to dancing.  Just a few weeks later, Megan and Matt had the chance to meet again at a mutual friend’s birthday party.  The two sat next to one another and just like their first night, they had a clear connection as the conversation flowed.  Sure that Matt would be asking for her number, Megan was surprised at the end of the night when they only exchanged goodbyes.  Jess jumped in though and helped Megan out later that night by giving Matt her number – of course Matt claims that he was planning on asking Jess for it anyways.  Their group outings soon turned to one on one dates and the two became inseparable.

As attracted as Matt was to Megan the first night they met, it was the second night that she really grabbed his attention from her Midwestern manners, beautiful smile, to endearing kindness.  As Matt explains, “since that night, she’s done nothing but inspire me.  I know she’ll make a wonderful mother, wife and lifelong friend.”  For Megan, it is how genuine Matt is all around.  As she explains, “his thoughtful and caring nature ensures that he approaches not only our relationship, but also his relationships with family and friends and everything he does, with an admirable devotion.”  Most importantly though, it is the laughter he brings to their relationship and how he can always bring that beautiful smile he loves so dearly out of Megan.

For their anniversary, Matt planned a trip to Colorado to spend Labor Day weekend at his family’s condo.  Surprised by the gift, Megan was excited to explore and hike the landscape surrounding them.  Saturday morning came early that weekend and the two woke up and headed off into Rocky Mountain National Park to hike Deer Mountain.  Passing cars and other hikers, the two were astonished when they made it to the top to find that they were the only ones there.  The beautiful panoramic views and quietness of just them sitting on top of the mountain was an indescribable moment.

After taking a moment to take in the scenery, the two walked to the edge of the mountain and screamed “I love you!”  It was fun, silly, it was them.  That was when Matt handed Megan his phone to check off hiking from their list of fun things to do that they kept.  Scrolling through the list to find the checklist item, Megan’s eyes laid upon an item that read, ‘get engaged at the top of Deer Mountain.’  Matt knelt down on one knee, held her hand, told her he loved her, and asked for her hand in marriage.  Megan of course said, “yes!”

Their spontaneity made for a wonderful plan B engagement location session.  Megan and Matt were so willing to try out a different spot that we originally planned upon and I must say that it will go down as one of my favorite creative sessions.  Wishing these two an amazing life together filled with many more checks off their checklist of adventure!

Venue: Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen

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