Christine & Dennis’ Cypress Grove Estate House Engagement

Christine and Dennis met me out at the beautiful Cypress Grove Estate House in Cypress Grove Park for their stunner of an engagement!  Not knowing what to expect, the two didn’t realize how natural they are with one another in front of a camera.  From big smiles, to real laughs, Christine and Dennis have perfect chemistry.

Almost ten years back, on January 10th of 2009, the two met at a bonfire in Davie, Florida.  While they had both attended the same middle school and nearby high schools, it wasn’t until their mutual friend Britney’s small little get-together that the finally were brought into each other’s life.

That night the two hit it off and after realizing they both lived in Tampa, decided to keep in touch and exchanged numbers.  Not only did they both live in Tampa, but they were also both attending the University of South Florida.

During our session, Dennis told me that Christine had caught his eye that night at the bonfire due to her polka dot hoodie.  One of the few things he remembers, as Christine laughingly put it, was that hoodie.  While I love props, I have never had a prop as sentimental as what Christine and Dennis brought to their engagement – it was the polka dot hoodie, and of course also the hoodie that Dennis was wearing that night too!  Definitely a must keep memory item!

From how much joy Christine outwardly expressed through her laughter and smile due to Dennis’ silliness, I was not surprised when she told me that what she loves most about him is how he can make her smile.  As she explains, I love how in sync we are about almost everything, and I think we make a great team together!  He is my other half.”

While Christine had Dennis smiling and laughing as well, it is how deeply she cares for her friends and everyone around her that Dennis loves most.  As Dennis dotingly notes, “she has successfully warmed my grumpy frozen heart.  She keeps everyone fed (me and the case included), is always keeping me busy, and always puts a smile on my face.  Christine is my soulmate – no doubt about it.”

Quite the prankster, Christine almost thought Dennis’ proposal was a prank!  Jumping back a few months to April of this year – specifically April fool’s day (and also Easter), Dennis surprised Christine with a giant (and I mean giant!) blue egg on their kitchen table.  Spotting it out of the corner of her eye as she walked by, she asked Dennis if it was for her.  Dennis said yes and that she should open it.  Completely oblivious, Christine shook the egg (yes, literally shook her diamond engagement ring!) and realizing it was candy (well thinking it was candy) opened it up with excitement.  At that very moment, Dennis knelt to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

With the shock, the surprise, and the confusion of the missing candy – Christine totally thought it was a joke, but only for a second, as Dennis reassured her that their forever together would by no means ever be a joke.  She of course was absolutely overjoyed and said, “yes!”

While Christine and Dennis are looking forward to their wedding day, they are also balancing the planning with the excitement of what will come after – their honeymoon!  Traveling to Europe, Christine cannot wait to explore with Dennis, while Dennis is excited that all eyes on him  (and of course Christine) will only be on their wedding day haha.

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot next November at the Tampa Federation Gardens Club!

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