Cypress Grove Estate House Engagement

Nicole & Andy’s Cypress Grove Estate House Engagement

Cypress Grove Estate House at Cypress Grove Park set the scene for Nicole and Andy’s engagement session. Situated on an 80-acre estate, the southern elegance and charm captures the beauty of Florida. Large oaks grace entrance leading to the home while perfectly manicured lawns back up to the cusp of Lake Jessamine. As you can tell, the beauty of the property is just perfect for capturing the beauty of love.

Andy and Nicole met in Fort Lauderdale while in PA school in January of 2013. After just three short weeks into their first semester, they had their first date and have been inseparable ever since. As Nicole put it, “juggling a relationship and academics was pretty easy being that we just studied together all the time!” Their demeanor around one another just clicks and you can sense that they just understand one another without even having to say a word.

Andy knew all along that Nicole was his soul mate and about a year after they began dating he was ready to pop the question. The creative artist he is, Andy arranged for a date at Painting with a Twist. Nicole didn’t know that Andy was planning on painting more than just a canvas, but their beginning of their lives as one. At the end of the painting session, the teacher asked for Andy to bring up his painting and feature it to the class. She had wanted to show the other artists what their paintings will look like framed in their homes, but it was all a hoax! What Nicole didn’t realize was that Andy had painted “will you marry me” on the canvas. Andy handed the painting over to the teacher and while she held it up, Andy dropped to one knee and asked Nicole to marry him.

The painting now hangs on their bedroom wall next to photos captured of that very special moment captured by Nicole’s friends. Looking forward to capturing Nicole and Andy’s big day at the Park Plaza Gardens this August!

Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House

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  1. Cypress Grove looks like the perfect place for a couple’s engagement session. All the lush greenery and flowers surrounding this couple makes these images really stand out. I love the story of their engagement. too. So sweet; thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow, their engagement story is so romantic! It made me tear up a bit, not going to lie! 🙂 Cypress Grove Estate House looks like a perfect fit for their engagement session… can’t wait to see how in love they look on their wedding!

  3. Cypress Grove Estate House looks like it was made for engagement portrait sessions! This one is both gorgeous and hot! What a romantic proposal story too. Can’t wait to see what this couple does for their wedding!

  4. Samantha, you were hands down the most fun and easygoing photographer to work with!! You gave instructions on how to pose but still allowed us to maneuver naturally; it was the perfect amount of give and take. You really captured our romantic energy and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking!! The fact that you got so many wonderful shots with how HUMID it was outside is just beyond me. I would 100% love to work with you again, even after you shoot our wedding!! I can’t wait to see the beautiful pics you capture for our special day. You are a dream!!!

    1. Author

      Nicole, you and Andy are just incredible! I had so much fun (even with the humidity – LOL!). I can’t wait for your big day and am honored to be a part of capturing your special memories. Thank you so much for your sweet comment 🙂

  5. Cypress Grove Estate is gorgeous and so elegant! These two looked glued to each other-how sweet is that! I also love the proposal story- it will definitely go hand in hand with these beautiful engagement photos for generations to come.

  6. Cypress Grove Estate House is the perfect location for an engagement session! The grounds are so gorgeous and create that perfect romantic feel that I am sure you were looking for. This couple looks like they are so in love. Amazing job capturing this moment for them. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  7. These two lovebirds looked like they had a lot of fun and were very relaxed in your presence. You did a wonderful job capturing their love and connection in this entire gallery. Those roses were to die for at the Cypress Grove Estate House; what a perfect location for this Orlando Engagement session!

  8. Love this Orlando engagement session! You can clearly see how much Nicole & Andy adore each other in these photos! Love the gardens at Cypress Grove Estate House; I’ll have to take a tour while I’m in town and check them out!

  9. Lovely engagement shoot! What a cool location. The couple are going to love their images!

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