Cypress Grove Park

The Donohue Family

Cypress Grove Park

My sweet friends, the Donohues, met me out at beautiful Cypress Grove Estate House in Cypress Grove Park for their adorable holiday session. Between all of the smiles and laughs, it made for such an incredible session!

Family traditions are such an important aspect of the holiday season. For the Donohues, they love picking out a tree together and decorating it as a family, baking delicious cookies for Santa, and of course watching holiday movies. Jess also explained that the holidays are about “being together and being thankful we have each other.”

With family in mind during this holiday season, my sweet family brought along Brian’s father’s car that was passed on to him. While the holiday season can be tough in not having those we love with us, it is about remember how much they love us and how much we love them. Incorporating his father’s tuck was such a treat in keeping that love in mind.

Wishing the Donohue family and all of my Corner House Photography families a beautiful holiday season!

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