Disney Boardwalk Engagement

Jessica & Jeff’s Foggy Morning Disney Boardwalk Engagement

Jessica and Jeff met me out at the picture perfect Disney Boardwalk for their foggy morning engagement. I just loved the light greys and blues in the sky during their session, which made for very romantic and moody lighting.

My sweethearts actually met online through eHarmony.  Jeff first caught Jessica’s eye by his profile picture of him holding a Great Dane, which happen to be a common interest since Jessica’s pup Cooper was also a Great Dane. After about a month of connecting online and chatting through text, the two decided to meet in person at New Smyrna Beach for a walk along the pier and dinner on the beach. It took Jeff a little bit to warm up since he is a little shy, but Jessica had him laughing and opening up after a few drinks. Their attraction was instant from the get go, but meeting in person solidified how incredible their communication was as well. As the two cozied up along their walk on the boardwalk, Jeff stopped Jessica at the shuffleboard court and gave her a sweet first kiss. As Jessica remembers it, “it was a great first date, we met up again the next day and have been inseparable ever since.”

Jeff quickly fell in love by how funny and sweet Jessica is within their relationship and with their family. Being a veterinarian, Jeff is very passionate about animals and shares the love Jessica has for their fur family of Frank the Yorkie, Cooper the Great Dane, and their new kitten Charlie. Also a caretaker of life, Jessica is a nurse and her devotion to her patients is incredibly inspiring to Jeff. As Jeff describes Jessica, “she is very outgoing and that helps me because I can be shy, she has introduced me to a lot of new things by the things that we do together, such as art shows and exploring new areas around Orlando” and she even as Jeff puts it “tolerates my Disney obsession.”

Jessica loves how sweet and goofy Jeff is, as he is always making her laugh no matter what the situation may be. His passion for his family and love for his niece and nephew is such a joy for Jessica to see. As Jessica explains it, “he has an amazing heart and cares so much about the people close to him both family and friends, and he cares so much for his animal patients, he will always do his best for them.”

I just had to know how Jeff proposed to Jessica. It was at the end of February back at the first spot they met for their first date, New Smyrna Beach. That morning Jeff asked Jessica to go with him for lunch to New Smyrna Beach and walk around a little. Jessica didn’t know at the time that Jeff was beyond nervous, so nervous in fact that he was pale and well… a little sweaty haha. She truly though he was coming down with the flu and kept asking him if he felt okay. As they walked along the boardwalk the two found themselves back at the shuffleboard court where they shared their first kiss. Jeff turned to Jessica and told her that he had something to ask her, but was really nervous. Bending down on one knee, he nervously tossed the ring box into Jessica’s hand and asked if she would marry him. Of course Jessica said, “yes” and was absolutely over the moon in love. As Jessica reminisces, “he was so nervous that after asking me to marry him, he tossed the closed ring box at me and I caught it and opened it and the ring almost fell out!”

I must say that Jessica’s ring caught my eye. It just had a timeless beauty to it and there was something about the stone. I found out later in our session that while visiting New York together, Jeff had actually picked up the family diamond from his mother who originally had received it from her mother. The sentiment behind the diamond and the beauty of combining old love with new love is so incredible beautiful that I truly do not have the words to describe it.

My Disney lover Jeff picked out the Disney Boardwalk along with Jessica for their intimate engagement. The two just love Disney, but Jeff has a big place in his heart for the picturesque beauty and amazing time he has had there, as he grew up visiting Disney every time he came down from New York to visit his grandmother who lived in Florida. The experience of being with his family and visiting such a magical place as a child really left an impression on Jeff and was one of the main reasons he moved to Florida. While Jessica will never love Disney at the level that Jeff does, she truly appreciates and loves her time with Jeff at the Park eating great food and just walking around together making memories of their own.

Looking forward to capturing my darlings tie the knot at the beautiful Timacuan Golf Club this January!

Venue: Disney BoardWalk

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