Downtown Celebration Engagement

Arienna & Kyle’s Downtown Celebration Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Downtown Celebration Engagement

Arienna and Kyle met me out in Downtown Celebration for their darling engagement session.  In between potential stormy weather, we lucked out with just enough sun before the Florida windy rainy day took over.

Having met in the Summer of 2015 through their best friends who are also engaged, Arienna and Kyle never thought their mutual friendship would blossom into romance.  Friends for over a year, Arienna only thought of Kyle as a friend, but Kyle felt there was more.  Pursuing dating for a bit, Arienna finally agreed to a more formal first date, and everything changed.  Falling quickly for Kyle, she not only was the first one to say “I love you,” but realized she wanted to spend forever with him first too.

Now together for over four years, the two enjoy spending their time together watching murder mysteries on Netflix, hopping the parks at Disney, and indoor rock climbing.  Arienna explained that what she loves most about Kyle is how caring his is and how he is willing to do anything to make her happy.  While he may have his stubborn side at times, Kyle is passionate about everything he puts his mind too and especially good at fixing things.  For Kyle, he explained that “Arienna is hands down the best person in my life.”  Loving and thoughtful, and passionate, she keeps him on his toes and explained that there is never a dull moment when they are together.

Engaged in October of 2019 on a beach in St Pete, Arienna never thought that the mini-vacation getaway she had planned would also include a proposal from Kyle.  Upon arriving to their hotel, the two headed out to the beach for a walk when Kyle asked to stop to take a picture.  Setting up his phone on a nearby bench, he secretly selected video mode while telling Arienna it was on a timer.  Proposing to Arienna in that very moment, she was completely shocked and did not expect the proposal, even noting in the video to Kyle that the picture was taken as she almost began to walk away before he got down on one knee.  Of course saying,”yes!” the two celebrated over the course of their vacation and began planning for their big day!

Looking forward to our team capturing Arienna and Kyle tie the knot this coming October at 1902 at Preservation Hall!

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