Downtown Celebration Engagement

Lindsay & Chris’ Downtown Celebration Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Downtown Celebration Engagement

Lindsay and Chris met me out with Carly, their nine-year-old silky terrier, in Downtown Celebration for a morning engagement session.  Beating the heat and pretty morning light, made for the perfect time!

Any single guys that you know?

My sweethearts story began back in 2018 when Lindsay was having a girls night with her friend Deena.  Deena’s husband Cody would pop in and out to check in on the girls, which was when Lindsay asked if he knew any cute single guys.  Well Cody knew one, Chris, and when he showed a picture of Chris to Lindsay, she was all in.  Making plans for a double date night the following Tuesday, specifically March 6, 2018, to hang out at Epcot, the two would meet for the first time.  Let’s just start off by saying – it was awkward.  However, that awkwardness totally subsided after a few drinks and their nerves relaxed.  Many hours later at Epcot as the group was about to depart, Chris asked Lindsay for her number so that they could have a “real first date together” and the rest is history!

Quickly falling in love with Chris’ kind heart, Lindsay explained that he is also incredibly nurturing in their relationship, and of course to their pup Carly.  For Chris, he fell in love with how Lindsay makes him a better man and explained that, “I can be completely myself with her.”

A Valentine’s Day Eve Proposal

Planning out a special Valentine’s Day dinner, Chris arranged a lovely dinner at the Melting Pot. While their job responsibilities wouldn’t quite allow the lovely dinner to happen on the actual day itself, the two were excited to share the night before together.  Chris was definitely a little bit more excited though, granted Lindsay didn’t know what was up, but he had moved up his proposal to her by three weeks because he just couldn’t wait any longer.  After dinner, Chris popped the question as the two were walking out the door.  Completely unexpected, Lindsay was over the moon and of course said, “yes!”

Jumping back to my sweethearts engagement session, you may be wondering who that little cute ball of fluff is – well Carly is the sweetest terrier ever.  She came into Lindsay’s life when she was four months old as a gift from her mother and has been her “partner in crime” ever since.  Lindsay knew there was something special about Chris, as Carly took to him right away – clearly she knew that he was the one as well!

Looking forward to our team capturing Lindsay and Chris tie the knot this coming November at Reunion Resort!

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