Downtown Church Street Engagement

Scott & Raul’s Downtown Church Street Engagement

Scott and Raul met me out in downtown Orlando in the Church Street District for their city inspired engagement session. While newly engaged, the two have been together for over 27 years! They loved the idea of having their engagement session take place in the same location of their wedding so we split our time partially outside featuring the beautiful golden architecture before going inside for stunning white metal backdrops of the Orchid Garden at Church Street.

27 years ago, my two sweethearts met by chance at Winter Park Lanes, a local bowling alley. Scott was subbing in for a friend and Raul at the time was visiting a few of his friends at the lane nearby. Bowling alley quarters are by far super compact so the teams were easily able to chat with one another. Scott was instantly attracted to Raul and started talking up a conversation, of course while watching the score… a brief conversation at the bowling lane lead to a date, which followed by many more. It is incredible to think how one night can change the rest of your life!

Scott loves how Raul is so easy going and a genuinely kind person who is also very thoughtful. During their engagement session, Raul had a few signature poses and helped Scott relax and melt in for a hug by bringing him close. It was easy to see what a heartwarming affect Raul has on Scott. Raul loves Scott’s sense of adventure from road tripping to their cabin to exploring the world together. He admires how driven he is to succeed both in her personal and professional life, but most of all he loves how loving and compassionate of a person he is. You could just see his admiration in the way he looked at Scott when I had him “laughing it up” for the camera and snuggling up in his arms.

I always love to know how my couples’ proposals went and of course Raul and Scott were no exception, but they truly surprised me. Long before their 27 year rolled around the two had wanted to tie the knot, but at the time it was not legal within Florida. Understandably, while many of their friends were marrying outside of the state, the two wanted to wait until it became legal where they call home. When it did become legal, the two inadvertently proposed to one another through deciding it was finally the right time and were ready to begin planning their wedding. They picked the perfect day too, which will be 27 years and 364 days from the time of their first anniversary.

Scott and Raul will be my first wedding at the stunning Orchid Garden. I love both the architecture and vintage feel to the venue with the owners doing an incredible job in maintaining the historic look. Scott and Raul just love downtown Orlando and after driving by Church Street periodically over the years, they knew that they just had to have it in the iconic spot. Scott’s parents and his brother also married in downtown Orlando, so it has become a tradition for their family as well.

Of course, which so much history centered around the location, we just had to shoot their engagement off Church as well! The skies have been a little ‘iffy’ for the past month with many reschedules taking place, but the clouds parted ways for just enough time to grab outdoor shots under the iconic golden bridge that crosses the street before moving under for cover to avoid the rain. I just adore the dropdown lanterns that line the walkway next to the Orchid Garden along with the brick and golden paint tones.

Raul had mentioned that he wanted some shots by the brick walkway that paralleled with the Sunrail so we made a run for it. A few drizzles soon turned to a downpour, so we headed into the venue for indoor shots after an outfit change.

White painted metal, staircases galore, a beautiful bar with golden overhead lighting, and endless other options made for what felt like the perfect architectural engagement. My favorite shots (which I must have mentioned to Scott and Raul during our session a billion times, because I could just not stop looking at them!) has to be my darlings situated center to the stunning glass wall with the parallel cascading staircases. I also just love the golden tones of their ring shots too!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this October!

Venue: Orchid Garden at Church Street

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