Downtown Disney Boardwalk Family Session

Karlee, Matthew, and little baby Adeline met me out for an early morning sunrise family session at the beautiful Disney Boardwalk. Close family friends, it was heartwarming to be a part of such a special moment.

Adeline will literally melt your heart from the moment you see her. Her chubby cheeks, big smile, and love for her mommy and daddy is just so sweet. She must have known that she would be the star of our session for the day, because she didn’t cry once – not once! I was in complete shock, as it is a lot on little ones to have photos taken and she enjoyed every minute of it!

For Karlee and Matt, becoming parents has brought them even closer together as a couple. When announcing their pregnancy, friends and family reminded the two to make sure they take time for themselves as a couple after the baby arrives. However, it was Adeline’s arrival, which has actually brought them closer and as Karlee explains, “allowed us to see a side to each other we knew was there but never saw before. We had to learn how to co-exist in a new way, and I can say it was challenging at first, but we learned how to communicate even better from it.” Truly, their love for Adeline has only grown their love for one another.

Of course, parenting can be hard at times, but the little moments are what make it all worth it. Whether it is secretly watching one another read to Adeline or watching the joy in Adeline’s face after being proud of an accomplishment, these little moments light up their hearts and remind them of how lucky they are to be parents.

Capturing these little moments by documenting them through Facebook or email to share with your friends and family is so important, because “before you know it, that sweet baby won’t look like that anymore.” Of course, you will get so much advice from so many different people, books, television, and every other media outlet possible, but “go with your gut,” because as Karlee explains you will have to learn as you go.

Looking forward to seeing Adeline officially turn one in just a few short weeks! Happy early birthday to this beautiful and intelligent little girl!

Venue: Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

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