Jasmine & Carson’s Downtown St Pete Engagement

Downtown St Pete Engagement

Jasmine and Carson met me out in the graffiti district of downtown St Pete for their vibrant city engagement.  A hidden gem in St Pete, Jasmine and Carson love the art and vibe of the area and just knew it would be perfect for the backdrop of their photos.

How They Met

Complete opposite, Jasmine and Carson didn’t notice how perfect they would be for one another at first when they met at work.  Carson, a little more reserved and “by the book” as Jasmine puts it, and Jasmine, more carefree go with the flow, didn’t see one another in a different light until their manager Andrew (and Carson’s best friend) took notice that they would be a great match and generously offered his opinion.  Spending late nights and long days at work, the two had a little more one on one time to get to know one another.  Jasmine started to realize that while Carson was reserved, he was also incredibly funny and interesting.  Carson took note of how “caring and compassionate” of a person Jasmine was, and it wasn’t long after when he asked Jasmine out for drinks.

What They Love Most

For Carson, he fell in love with how Jasmine is the “calm to his storm” through challenging him to be patient and understanding during times of frustration and uncertainty.  As he explains, “she knows exactly when to show just the right amount of care, compassion, understanding and sacrifice when it is needed most.”  Ironically enough, while Jasmine thought Carson was very to the book at first, she tends to be quite the planner and a little rigid on wanting to ensure things always go as planned.  Carson, who tends to be more easy going when it comes to planning, has helped her find more balance in her life throughout the years together.  Falling in love with this trait Carson beholds, her view on the world has changed to take on challenges as they come and verses expecting an expectation, changed to expecting change will come.

The Proposal

Nervous, anxious, and having high expectations, Carson could not find an irreproachable time to propose.  The two had talked extensively about their future together over the passing years, and Carson knew that he could not wait much longer.  Finally realizing that the perfect proposal wasn’t about the extravagance of it, but about the moment in the present time, he planned out what became a perfect proposal at one of the most special milestones in their lives together – their home.  Along with asking Jasmine to arrive dressed up and ready to go on a date after work, he dimmed the lights, lit candles throughout their dining room, and waited patiently for Jasmine to arrive.  Walking in, she was muddled by the candlelit scene and Carson missing from the room.  Coming closer to the table, she realized their was an engagement ring sitting squarely in the middle.  That was when Carson came out from the room nearby and getting down on one knee, asked for her hand in marriage.


Venue: Hippo Pops

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