Dion & Christian’s Engagement at Harry P Leu Gardens – Captured by Whitney

Dion and Christian celebrated their engagement at the gorgeous Harry P Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida. They are very excited to tie the knot this upcoming spring. We can’t wait to capture this amazing couple’s wedding!

How They Met

These lovebirds met in 2014 during Memorial Day weekend in Miami while at a nightclub. To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement. They both broke away from their friends and ended up sitting and talking for over an hour, not even paying attention to the music and crowd. Despite having separate plans for the rest of the weekend, they decided to change them to spend the next day getting to know each other more. This was the best decision either of them could have made. Dion and Christian began alternating weekends of traveling back and forth to visit each other and what started as a chance encounter turned into a beautiful relationship.

Love for Each Other

Dion loves that Christian accepts and loves him despite his flaws and shortcomings. Christian sees beyond that and focuses on the love. For Dion, it’s not just that Christian sees him for all he is, it’s more so the fact that he knows Christian will love him no matter what. Christian loves that Dion never shies away from being himself. He knows and loves that Dion will always make sure he enjoys himself to the fullest, despite any obstacle thrown his way.

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